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God's 'Cyrus Church'!

Discussion in '2004 Archive' started by bar-net, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. bar-net

    bar-net New Member

    Oct 28, 2004
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    How will 'all Israel' be saved? Is the present Israel of God or of Men?

    The Church was Israel's spiritual destiny. I do not teach 'replacement', or 'double covenant'. Rather, I hold to 'fulfillment theology.' Christ is the fulfillment.

    The foundation of the Church is the Jewish apostle and prophets. Messiah came and 'called-out' His sheep. These He made 'fishers of men' (Jer16) to gather the remnant of Judah.

    It was later revealed that this gospel was also sent to the nations. Thus Isaih was fulfilled, a light to the nations.' Christ was that light.

    Jesus gave Peter the keys to the kingdom. With the one he opened the door of faith to the Jews on Pentecost. And with the second, the dorr of faith to the Gentiles in Cornelius.

    But it was by the Jew Shaul, who became Paul, God made clear the mystery of the Church. By Paul, the 'little one,' of the tribe of Benjamin, 'the least', God made of the Church in fulfillment of Isaih, the least will become a clan.'

    This clan filled the earth with fruit, becoming a great tree. In this Body are the people of God, Jew and Gentile, who are no longer such, but a new creation.

    As Gentiles filled the Church, Israel stumbled and soon faded from the Body of Christ. But was this foundation 'all Israel'? May it never be!

    The key to understanding the mystery of Israel's hardness, and his reconciliation is to know 'only the remnant will be saved.' But though this remnant is one, it is saved in two time periods

    We can speak of the House of Judah, saved in the early days. And of the House of Joseph, being saved at these end of days. More in fact, is said in the prophets concerning Joseph than was said of Judah.

    But how will Israel be gathered? Today the Lord makes His 'Cyrus Church' to be 'hunters of men' (Jer16) to gather the 'rest of' 'all Israel.' Not only is Cyrus a type of Christ, but a type of the Church as well.

    'Cyrus' in Persian means 'sun.' And as Israel has been in darkness, separated from the Light, today He makes the so called 'gentile church' to be 'light to My people Israel.'

    There are now again Jewish believers in the Church because God has perserved the truth of the gospel in the 'gentile church.'

    In one sense then, Cyrus is already come. But he is also ahead of his time. The Church needs a revelation of their call by God in Cyrus for the sake of the Jewish remnant.

    This present Israel is not this remnant. It was not created out of the repentance God required for regathering. This Israel is the work of men, of a 'fleshly cyrus' (UN) if you will.

    It is not the fulfillment of Isa66 or Ez37. But it is the fulfillment of another prophecy, for this Israel is the 'beast out of the sea' of the nations.

    In 70AD Israel, where the seat of the spirit of antichrist was, received a 'deadly wound.' In 1948 this wound was superficially healed. It is the revieved 5th head, and is the 8th.

    Through this Israel AntiChrist will come in the flesh, claiming to be the seed of David; a Solomon who promises to exalt Israel and build a temple.

    But he is that 'wicked prince of Israel (Ez21), who makes a 'covenant of death'(Isa28) with Israel. He is that 'worthless shepherd' who come only to kill, steal and destroy. He is Jacob the deceiver, a wolf in sheep's clothing claiming to be the Firstborn.

    Hear O Israel! Hear O Church!

    In The Name,

    bar-net michael of habagministry