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God's message in cry

Discussion in 'Evangelism, Missions & Witnessing' started by Grandson, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Grandson

    Grandson New Member

    Oct 28, 2011
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    i was saved in christ, with his grace, praaise God
    when i was mooving i am observing the people in my ministry.
    Actually i started ministry in new areas only,
    i worked hard, with tears, with struggles, with fastings i established a ministry in many villages by doing hard work for 23 years.. as full time minister..

    I gathered few people Orphans from 23 years age and trained them and i make them as evangelists, i have solomnized their marriages by bringing girls. i supported them for many years.
    recently my mom is felt in heart attack,. my sister (who is husband left) is got mental shock, so faced too much troubles in economical standards. and also i felt in sickness.
    I failed to support the youth guys who were getting regular support from this ministry...

    they united with the village churches, where i sent them for work, they suddenly stopped to come to me.,
    i faced lot of touble that's why i failed to support them.. what can i do?
    i am a faith servant.. working on faith only

    suddenly the eveangelists went to some other missions and churches and joined with them.. this is made me hurt in my heart. i desired only their love in my hardships, not money..

    now i am 50 years, i worked for them for 23 years.. i got tears in my heart. i treeted them as my elder brothers and children. when some body asked them in this matter, their reply is we are suffering for our food so what can we do?

    i went to God in this matter, Lord i gave you all in my life, i left my job and my left her job to do your service, why my people are leaving me? i asked and shouted and cry in Lord's presence,,

    do you know what God is said to me

    1. be with my heart like how i am loving you,
    2. that's why i said to you don't trust people more than me..
    3. why are you expecting some love from those people? a goodness like what i have put in your heart?

    suddenly i stopped to cry and feel,