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Greatest NBA Center

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Dr. Bob, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. Dr. Bob

    Dr. Bob Administrator

    Jun 30, 2000
    Who are your top five NBA centers (true position players) in history?

    #1 GEORGE MIKAN voted the best basketball player of the first half of the 20th century overall (not just centers). The 6'10" Mikan could be a star in today's NBA, but probably as a power forward!

    #2 BILL RUSSELL changed the complexion and domination of the NBA in defense and rebounding, turning the Celtics from a good team to one of sports greatest dynasties. In his 13 years there, they won 11 world titles, demonstrating himself as the ultimate team player.

    #3 WILT CHAMBERLAIN left college early. In those days you had to sit out a year before joining the NBA, so he played a year for the Harlem Globetrotters. Wilt dominated the NBA from his first season, and led the league in scoring (37.1 ppg - 10 pts MORE than second place) and in rebounding (27 rpg). Wilt was almost too good to be a team player. He was so much bigger and stronger that his opponents in the 1960s that he could do pretty much what he wanted to do.

    #4 KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR had the best overall career of any center, if not any player, in NBA history. No one has sustained such a high level of play for so long a period of time. For eight years Kareem led the league in rebounding or was second. And his "sky-hook" was magical!

    #5 Now the rubber meets the road. MALONE, WALTON, EWING, OLAJUWON, ROBINSON and SHAQ all pop into mind. Make your arguments and help me make up my mind . . [​IMG]
  2. go2church

    go2church Active Member

    Jun 21, 2002
    Shaq, when he retires we will look back and really see how much he changed the game. My thinking is that the zone defense was allowed because of him. The only mark against him will be his passion for the game. There are plenty of times we can look back and be able to see him not playing with much passion.

    Robinson would be right there with him expect for the lesser role he had near the end of his playing time.

    Walton was simply hurt too much to show all the greatness he showed in college.

    Olajuwon was a tremendous player and would for me be right behind Shag.

    Malone is top 10, but about 7 or 8

    Jermaine ONeil has the potential to be in the top 5 with his ability
  3. FriendofSpurgeon

    FriendofSpurgeon Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2003
    Shaq has changed the game and each opposing team has only one thought - how to defend him? Of course, it would help if he could shoot free throws.

    Now that he is here in Miami, I look forward to seeing him play in person!
  4. PastorSBC1303

    PastorSBC1303 Active Member

    Aug 21, 2003
    1. Bill Russell -- A cut above all the rest, the true total package!
    2. Wilt
    3. Kareem
    4. George Mikan
    5. Shaq

    Others that have been mentioned such as Karl Malone and Jermaine O'Neal are not true centers. Bill Walton could have been up there if not for injuries, he maybe of all of these guys the best. But we will never know.
  5. Dan Todd

    Dan Todd Active Member

    Mar 13, 2003
    Russell used to play mind games with Wilt - and he usually won!