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How do you know when another person is saved or not???

Discussion in '2004 Archive' started by BillyMac, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. BillyMac

    BillyMac New Member

    Dec 19, 2003
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    As a born again Christian, I was saved over 40 years ago by the grace of God, with outward signs of that conversion experience. It was a dynamic personal experience with Jesus Christ, having been convicted by the Holy Spirit of my sins, recognizing that I needed Jesus Christ in my life and making a conscious decision to surrender my life to Him. It was an experience that burned indelibly on my soul and changed my life. Today I KNOW THAT I KNOW that I have been saved having been washed in the blood of Jesus Christ and he is now my Savior and Lord.

    In my statement above, there are many "catch words" which serve as testimony to my belief and it is those catch words or phrases that may convince many of you that I am indeed sincere and secure in my belief,and that I am indeed a child of God. But to many that I encounter in life, that conversion experience may not be as dynamic and there may not be any outward signs that anything happened at all. It did with me, but maybe did not with them.

    I have been reading Brother Mike O'Neal's webpages at this link and know that in order to be saved as witnessed countless times in scripture all you have to do is BELIEVE. Outward signs may not be present at all. And too I have heard this spoken of multiple times in the years since my conversion.

    So how do I tell if someone else has been saved if they cannot provide a dynamic picture of their own conversion experience???

    Let me explain further. I post on secular boards and have been posting to Christian themes with another supposed Christian. Recently I PM'd this guy as he is very knowledgable in the Bible and what the Bible has to say on topics of concern for today. I told him that I was a believer having been born again in 1963 in a Southern Baptist Church. When he returned my PM he stated that he: "had been raised in a Southern Babtist Church all his life and he has been receiving a Primitive Babtist newsletter" (from which he had posed some questions about some of the topics he was posting on).

    Now a red flag went up in my mind as I know that "attending" and being reared in church (any church) does not save you. I also know how to spell Baptist and would expect anyone who was reared in a Baptist church to be able to spell it correctly when all of his other spellings aren't mispelled. But then too I don't want to use his spelling against him as evidence as that is a misnomer.

    So I wrote him back and asked point blank for his "profession of faith" statement (only I had a Senior moment and called it "confession of faith"). His response back was that he didn't know what I wanted exactly but stated that "I am a believer and have been Babtized in the blood of Jesus."

    Once again I am confused as to how to judge this man's conversion, as I was not Baptized IN the blood of Jesus, I was Baptized IN WATER BY the blood of Jesus. My baptism was an outward sign of an inward work.

    I was always taught that if a man declares that he is a believer then that is sufficient for proof of him being saved. Thus, I should be convinced but I am not and this bothers me.

    Thus, the bottom line here is that I am requesting to know by scripture and theology what the markers are for determining the rightful place in our knowledge of another person's conversion.

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  2. David Mark

    David Mark New Member

    Jul 11, 2003
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    You really cannot tell. Bulletin boards only allow a lopsided view of others. That lopsided view is often exaggerated because of anonymity and a flush of emotions that come out in allowing folks with pent up tension or passion a great privilege to speak freely. Folks who appear to be mean are probably not mean in person, just frustrated. If I keep that in mind, it allows me to forgive others more readily. Even here.

    I am much relieved that I can refer all judgments regarding the souls of men, to their perfect creator. It frees me completely to love as I am commanded to.

    Love is the ultimate power.

    It never fails.

  3. Precepts

    Precepts New Member

    Dec 27, 2003
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    When the dog returneth to his own vomit and the pig to her wallowing in the mire, it is anyone's observation there has never been a change in the creature that once was lost in sin. These are outward appearances and evidence of the inward manifestations of sin.

    I am nobody's judge, but even the lost world can see the change in a man's life when he professes salvation. I like what I've heard some preachers say, even your dog will know it.

    Deception is the devil's strongest tool, be ye not decieved.

    I also know we are only subject to walk in the light as God has given us, may this shed light in the souls of any who may be deceived by the wiles of satan.