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How do you know which character God wants you to have?

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by xdisciplex, May 26, 2006.

  1. xdisciplex

    xdisciplex New Member

    Dec 20, 2005
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    Have you also noticed this? Some humans stay the same their whole life. Some humans were already picked on in grade school and it continues through their entire life. It's as if this weakness is attached to them and others can smell it and this is why they always stay in this position. And on the other hand there are also humans which always belonged to the "cool guys" even in school and it stay this way their whole life. I ask myself can a person change its character and become totally different or is this impossible? Can somebody who has always been picked on change his entire nature and basically act like somebody else? I have heard that people which went to a boot camp came back and they were changed. They got a stronger will and became more like fighters. But a boot camp is also an extreme example. Can a person under normal circumstances change their nature or will it always be fake and the others will be able to spot it and to recognize that it's all just a mask and behind this mask there is the same weak person which has always existed.
    I think that it's not possible for such a person to change and become totally different because becoming different would mean acting different and thinking in different terms. I think even if such a person tried to play the cool,sovereign person it wouldn't appear genuine. But what do you do if you're not satisfied with who you are? What do you do if you don't like yourself and wish you were a different person? Somebody who has a strong will, who finishes what he started who doesn't seem to radiate weakness? But these are things which you cannot simply change even if you want to. But the others notice this weakness and when they notice it then they either treat you with less respect or they try to abuse you. But I really don't think you can get rid of this weakness because it's in everything. In the way you talk, the way you look, simply in everything. I think you cannot hide it at all. :(
    But I really don't like myself because I want to be different but I don't even have the guts and the strength to be who I would like to be. This is totally frustrating and it angers me. If I could at least be who I want to be.
    I don't want to be the nice guy anymore because being too nice is a weakness. Others spot it and they lose respect. You can be a nice guy but only to the people where you know that they will not abuse it. If you're nice towards the wrong people it'll not be beneficial for you. :(
    How do I know wether I'm the way I should be or not? But if I don't even like myself then I don't think God wants me to be this way. :confused:
    Sometimes I adore people which are rather simple. They simply have a thicker skin and also don't worry about so many things. They aren't so sensitive and all that. My father once told me that you can even see on people's fingers wether they are sensitive or not and I think he's right. You can really see it on the fingers. I wonder if other people can spot this subconsciously without knowing it.
  2. Mary Diana Lynn Harper

    May 17, 2006
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    Humans live by circumstance, by the flesh. The biggest thing that changes a person is the people and the surroundings around them. Take for instance a poor person, although their surroundings state the obvious, in their hearts they think that one day they will be better than this. Their heart together with their mind make them want to learn the way to guide them into a direction they will go to become the person they will eventually become or not become. whereas some rich person does not care about their surroundings or the people they walk on because they think they are better than the surroundings and the people. In the end they may lose everthing because they don't care. That makes them act boldly and unbecommingly and eventually when they are finally brought down maybe because they lose everything they may become humble and realize that their hifluting ways are not any longer. Now God on the other hand does not care weather you are rich or poor, he loves you just as you are. He wants you to come to him no matter what you have or have not got. You on the other hand want to please God so you do things that will please Him eventually changing your ways to please God. It is so simple to love God yet so hard to stay in God. Eventually we learn to stay in God but on the way there we sometimes lose our way only because we are flesh. Does that sound funny? Sorry but that is the best answer I have. Once God comes into your heart you are different. There is no going back to the old self when you put on God. AMEN
  3. BobRyan

    BobRyan Active Member

    Aug 27, 2002
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    Non Baptist Christian
    2 cor 5 "IF anyone is IN Christ he is a NEW CREATION - old things have passed away - ALL things have become new!"

    John 3 "Unless you are born again you can not enter the kingdom of heaven".

    Your assessment is right Xd - it is naturally impossible to change character. It would take a miracle. It would take a miracle encounter with our Creator God.

    In Christ,