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Huckabee's Hypocrisy on Illegal Immigration

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by KenH, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. KenH

    KenH Active Member

    May 18, 2002
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    "Huckabee's policy positions are a matter of convenience, not conviction. That's not leadership, it's populism. South Carolina voters deserve to know the truth about Huckabee's record.
    • Huckabee championed an effort to give illegal immigrants taxpayer-funded college scholarships and in-state tuition. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 1/27/05)
    • Huckabee opposed a raid on an Arkansas employer that utilized illegal immigrants. (Associated Press, 8/5/05)
    • Championed the effort to open a Mexican Consulate in Arkansas to issue identification cards to legal and illegal residents. (AP, 10/18/06)"
    - rest at www.standardnewswire.com/news/624832159.html
  2. poncho

    poncho Well-Known Member

    Mar 30, 2004
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    And not only that but he has Richard "NWO" Haas as one of his "brains". Secured borders and immgration laws being enforced would put a damper on their "free flow of goods and people". Huckabee is only fooling those who want to be fooled. Apparently there's alot of em out there who want to be fooled too! If we can believe the vote count on the easily hacked Diebold voting machines that is.
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  3. JGrubbs

    JGrubbs New Member

    Feb 4, 2004
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    WALLACE: Let's turn to immigration, because you put out a new immigration plan this week. You called for building...

    HUCKABEE: Yes.

    WALLACE: ... a border fence, for cracking down on employers, for telling illegals to go home.

    But last year in an interview, you said something somewhat different. You said this, "I think that the rational approach is to find a way to give people a pathway to citizenship."

    Governor, in your new plan, the only path is to go home and to get on the back of the line, which, of course, would mean years of waiting. Why the change?

    HUCKABEE: Well, I don't think there's an inconsistency. When I said a pathway, I didn't say what the pathway was.

    I now believe that the only thing the American people are going to accept — and, frankly, the only thing that really makes sense — is a pathway that sends people back to the starting point.
    But this idea of the waiting years — no, I don't agree with that. In fact, look, if we can get a credit card application done within hours, if we can get passports done within days, if we can transact business over the Internet any place in the world within seconds, do a background check instantaneously — it's our government that has failed and is dysfunctional.

    It shouldn't take years to get a work permit to come here and pick lettuce. So part of the plan that I have is that we seal the borders. You don't have amnesty and sanctuary cities. You do have a pathway that gets you back home.

    But that pathway to get back here legally doesn't take years. It would take days, maybe weeks, and then people could come back in the workforce.

    Watch the Video: http://jgrubbs.blogspot.com/2008/01/huckabee-immigration-plan.html

    UPDATE: During the Univision GOP debate, Huck said the following:
    "If you can get an American Express card in two weeks, it shouldn't take seven years to get a work permit to come to this country in order to work on a farm. So if our government is incapable of making that process in that length of time, then we should do it in a way to outsource it."