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Hurricanes Are Powerful But God is Greater

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by Dragoon68, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. Dragoon68

    Dragoon68 Active Member

    Nov 30, 2003
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    Many of us here in Texas decided to stay put for Hurricane Rita. We boarded up windows, stocked supplies, set up safe rooms, discussed emergency plans with family, checked on neighbors, etc. and - most of all - asked God Almighty to keep us safe from harm if that be His will and help us to deal with any adversity that might come our way, if that be His will, in a manner that would bring honor and glory to His name.

    Some prepared for their duties in responding for security, rescue, and recovery efforts as needed. Others, especially in areas of greatest risk, packed up and fled northward having to tolerate a very long and tiring journey.

    We were spared any significant problems in the area where I live short of broken or uprooted trees, blown off shingles, and other minor damage. For this we give thanks to our Lord and give Him all the credit for our temporal salvation from this particular storm knowing full well that our time to meet loss, injury, and death will still ultimately come.

    Many others not so far away received much damage and with this morning's light viewed the disaster laid upon them. More are likely to suffer as the storm continues its path inland. For them we ask God's comfort and strength that they might deal with their hardship and recover from it as soon as possible. We do not understand for certain the reasons why all these things happen but we pray that no one will harden their heart towards God Almighty for what has happened to them or their loved ones. We pray that instead they will turn to Him for the will, the courage, and the wisdom to move forward with this short life upon this earth.

    We give thanks to God for permitting us to have better knowledge and advance warning of hurricanes than ever before and for the means to evacuate or shelter in place than many of our ancestors did not have. We give thanks to all those who serve to help to their fellow citizens in need and ask God's special blessings upon them for their good work.

    God is great and powerful, God is good and just, God is righteous and pure, God will save His chosen ones and punish those He hates, and God is our only Hope for eternal salvation. We will not cheat death but we will, by His grace alone, enjoy eternal life in Heaven because He has the power to raise from the dead and pardon our sin.

    Hurricanes are powerful but God is greater.

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