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hymn and southern gospel hypocrisy

Discussion in '2003 Archive' started by Dallasdid, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. Dallasdid

    Dallasdid New Member

    Jul 1, 2003
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    OK seen many threads telling us ccm is fluffy or something like that and wrong. and hym music is right and has true doctrin and even southern gospel is great. OK it is all hypocritical because a lot of hymn music came from bar tunes did it not? did it not conform to the music of its day to appease more to those people. Oh but that is different right where as today if ccm uses music that the world listens to and adds a Godly message to it all the pharisees go nuts and say how wrong it is and undoctrin and i say how hypocritical. Hymn music had a lot of its songs from bars and it used it to conform. Tell me it didnt we are so inane some times you must laugh. Not only is Christian music put scripture in your head ( a lot of the songs have word for word verses) it also keeps your focus on God. I mean Josh you might agree with me when im at school are home if Christian music starts playing it makes me praise God it cheers my day up to be able to sing to God it puts Bible in my head. And it has concerts where teens are coming to Christ you cant ignore that not at all. How many people accept Christ at a hymn music concert ???? hmmm 0 this is drawing teens christian teens invite their lost friends to come and they hear the Gospel. And how dare any of you question their christianity i have seen it several times and man you should be ashamed. "oh well i pray they were for real" "i dont know u cant know for sure" and it is absurd. And anyone who attacks teens coming to Christ should be rebuked and delt with. It is easy for us to go criticize them because they dont do it like we think they should are it is not our preference man if this world was like a lot of you it would be boring. So next time you call ccm wrong or fluffed and some of the stupid words you use think how hymn music has tunes from bars and the ideas of those who used them. God bless
  2. Aaron

    Aaron Member
    Site Supporter

    Sep 4, 2000
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    It didn't. That myth went down in flames on this board two years ago.
  3. Joshua Rhodes

    Joshua Rhodes <img src=/jrhodes.jpg>

    Jun 9, 2003
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    While I agree on the merits of (some) CCM, I have to disagree with your attitude toward hymns and Southern Gospel music. Yes, it is frustrating when some on the board are so staunch in their belief that hymnody is the only "approved" worship for the Church, but it that doesn't make it right to lash out.

    FACT: -&gt; Hymns have been around a long time, and have been a method of worship since the beginning of the Church.

    FACT: -&gt; If it wasn't for the Southern Gospel and "Convention Songs" movements in the 20th Century, Contemporary Christian Music as we know it today would not exist.

    Believe it or not, CCM is the "new kid on the block," and thus, is not the heavyweight. Now, does this mean CCM or "modern worship songs" are not effective? No, there are times when nothing but "Your Love is Extravagant" expresses the feeling in my heart. But, there are other times when "I Need Thee Every Hour," "The Solid Rock," or "A Mighty Fortress" are more to the point.

    I still don't understand why so many here on the board find this an either/or discussion. Most on here take the position that hymns are the only acceptable form of worship. Some take the opinion that "modern worship" is preferable. Why does it have to be one or the other? Why are we constantly arguing and bickering over what is "correct" worship?

    Now there are some on this board that have called me a "freakish being" because I value both hymns and "modern worship songs" in worship, and I think the whole of CCM is a good thing. I lead worship in a church that blends hymns, contemporary songs, gospel songs, and original songs in our worship services. Granted, this may not be the norm, but 95% of the people in my church have said they are happy with the way things are done here. And it's not an "all-young" or "all-old" bunch. Each generation gleans something from another. The seniors teach the younger folks, and the young help the old.

    Preference is a valued commodity. And, Dallas, you are certainly entitled to your preference in worship, as are all the others here (including those that only desire hymnody). But let's stop (on both sides of this argument) putting down each other's style of worship and start focusing more on the God we worship together. I believe that He is pleased when His people praise Him, whether it's with "Every Move I Make" or "My Jesus I Love Thee."

    This of course is only my humble opinion. I'm sorry that I couldn't fully agree with you, Dallas, but I can't take sides in an argument in which I value highly both sides.

    "I mean Josh you might agree with me when im at school are home if Christian music starts playing it makes me praise God it cheers my day up to be able to sing to God it puts Bible in my head."

    Yes, Dallas, I can agree with that. [​IMG]

    In His Grip,
  4. Pete

    Pete New Member

    Aug 31, 2002
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    That's only because there is a lot of fluff out there today ;)

    Again, only because a lot of hymns do have sound doctrine ;)

    As Aaron said, that line is a myth. As for the topic of using various tunes for songs, I'll just say my brother and I have done Isaac Watts' Alas And Did My Saviour Bleed to tune of House Of The Rising Sun...(very softly on acoustic guitar of course. I once heard Amazing Grace slaughtered to same tune...)

    ...Some middle bits missing, will work on replying to them later...

    I just realised here that I do not get the original post. The linking of fluffy LYRICS on one side VS the guesstimates of TUNE sources on the other side :confused: Geoff Bullock is one of my favourite new writers...when he puts his mind to it that is. However (sadly) he (and most other modern writers) can rarely match (equal that is, not the little stick that lights fires ;) ) a Watts or Wesley.