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Hypocritical and Spin. What a shame!

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by righteousdude2, Nov 29, 2014.

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    Oct 14, 2007
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    The following is taken from a portion of an article by Bob Christie of the AP on Immigrants and drivers licenses, which will soon be issued in California to undocummented-illegal-immigrants.

    I found the illegal immigrant to be nothing more or less than hypocritical based on his exceptional entitlement mind-set. As for the reporter, he is pushing his hidden agenda by not asking the hard question, rather painting the illegals as being unfortunate to be here in this country with no rights. He never once asks about the many laws this man is breaking! Just pointing out his empathy for the guy!

    What a shame. What a bushel of hypocritical hogwash!

    PHOENIX (AP) — If Christian Avila lived a few hundred miles to the west, he would have a driver's license and qualify for in-state college tuition and a host of other opportunities available to young people granted legal status by President Barack Obama two years ago.

    But Avila lives in Phoenix, and the 24-year-old immigrant who was brought here from Mexico by his parents at age 9 still has to navigate the sprawling city in fear (I have no empathy for Avila-RD2) as he drives to school or work.

    "You get nervous, your legs start to tingle a little bit when there's a cop behind you, when you're doing nothing wrong by driving to work,' said Avila, a community college student and immigration activist. "You're not breaking any rules, you're following the law (you are not following any rules or laws. When you came over the border ILLEGALLY, you became lawless-RD2). But unfortunately it's where we live."

    With last week's action by Obama that expanded the deferred action program and added millions of other immigrants, Avila's plight highlights a harsh reality about the president's changes. The president may be allowing them to remain in the U.S., but it doesn't mean their state will let them drive a car, get an education at an affordable rate or obtain health insurance.


    This article does help me to see how the exceptional and entitled folks in our society have come to the mindset of believing they are doing no wrong and what they do is acceptable! Even so, in my mind and heart, I see it as a sad twist of moras and values and one of the many reasons this nation is growing more lawless by the day!
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