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Inmate Bibles Needed!!!

Discussion in 'Evangelism, Missions & Witnessing' started by TheBibleSender, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. TheBibleSender

    TheBibleSender New Member

    Mar 27, 2002
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    Hello. I am not sure if this is appropriate so feel free to remove if it breaks any rules.

    This is a need from a missionary I know and our church supports. Please pray about what you may do to help meet this need. God bless. :)
    Inmate Bibles Needed!
    We ARE currently in need of study Bibles for our enrolled inmate students.
    Many of our correspondence students in both the Set FREE! and the Bible study courses have asked for personal study Bibles to help them in their spiritual growth. The Bibles which are typically available to inmates by correctional institutions come in a very wide variety of versions and traditions, many of which are poor paraphrases and often have several pages missing. Providing our inmate students each with the same “textbook” that matches our instructional material will be a tremendous help in maintaining continuity and doctrinal integrity! This will be a real blessing to these students!
    These individuals are incarcerated in institutions which will only accept Bibles sent in the publisher’s original sealed package. Bibles which are not sent this way will not be returned to the sender. They will be either thrown away by the institution or placed in the facility’s general library.
    Thomas Nelson Publishers in Nashville has graciously given In PURSUIT! Ministries an ongoing generous discount price of $23.99 (plus shipping) on their Personal Size Study Bible. This is an excellent price for an excellent study Bible which otherwise retails for $35.
    Please DO NOT SEND In PURSUIT! A FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION for this purpose. If you or your church would like to purchase one of these study Bibles for one of our inmate students, please call Lashawn at 1-800-251-4000, extension 2179, and tell her you would like to purchase a study Bible for In PURSUIT! Ministries. Lashawn has the correct ground shipping information to ship the Bibles directly to us. The item number to order is: 07180-01443.
    If you expressly request it, let us know that you have ordered one of these special Bibles, and we will send a letter to the inmate giving your first name (or the name of your church) as the sponsor who furnished the Bible for them. No last names or other personal information will be given.
    When you purchase one of these study Bibles for one of our students, Thomas Nelson Publishers will ship it directly to us with NO INVOICE information included with the Bible. We will then forward it unopened and in the publisher’s original packaging directly to an inmate in the program. This will be an ongoing need as new students enroll and request Bibles.
    We do not wish to accumulate an unreasonable surplus of these Bibles, so please check the need status at the top of the page before ordering. Only students who have made professions of faith in Christ and who are enrolled in our programs will be given one of these Bibles.
    Thank you for your prayerful consideration in meeting this need for these new believers!
    Yours in Christ,