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Iraq Study Group Report

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by 2 Timothy2:1-4, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. 2 Timothy2:1-4

    2 Timothy2:1-4 New Member

    Dec 22, 2006
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    Pelosi and her ilk have decided to invoke the report but failed to consider all that it said. While the Dems plan to insist on a defeated withdrawal which amounts to a "cut and run strategy" they intentionally overlook a very important statement:

    On page 4 under the heading of "Letter from the Co-Chairs" in paragraph number 3 the report makes this statement:

    How convenient that this very truthful and needful statement is overlooked by the Dems and the press. And if we were to pull out then this recommendation would not be met and the results would be catastrophic.

    On page six, second paragraph under "Executive Summary" the following recommendation was given:

    And yet the Dems want to set irresponsible and an unreliable time line for with drawl that will present a strategy to the enemy and embolden them to step up their tactics.

    On page six under "External Approach" the report has this to say:

    There is clear evidence that Iraqis neighbors are working to undercut its stability. It is clear as well that Iran is involved in this undercutting and has no interest in the stability of Iraq, therefore diplomatic efforts should not include those who have no interest and are working to continue a destabilization.

    On page 7 under "Internal Approach" the report has this to say:

    The President has implemented this and as a result has received unfouned criticism and attempts by the Dems to undercut the budget for this recommendation.

    Under the same heading the report makes this recommendation:

    The Dems have twisted this recommendation to insist on a complete withdrawal by 08. This is not what the report recommends. In fact it gives room for unforeseen events so as not to set unrealistic expectations. Apparently they see how impossible it is to plan for every unforeseen event in time of war. Unlike the Dems who use such ideas to give unrealistic criticism to the President.

    On page 9 under "Assessment" the report has this to say:

    This assessment has been declared by the President fro some time now while the Dems argue against it. we have not heard this proclaimed by one reporter or Democrat. and it has been ignored.

    On page 11 under "U.S., Coalition, and Iraqi Forces" the report has this to say:

    And yet there are those who insist that this war was illegal. Since the coalition was authorized by the UN the charge of illegality is mute.

    On page 21 under "Economic Performance" the report has this to say:

    While there are many difficulties left in Iraq facts such as these are conveniently left out in reporting by the media. It only begs to ask the question, Why?

    On page 25 under "Neighboring States" the report has this to say:

    It is clear that Iran is a serious hindrance to the stabilization in Iraq. And yet the Dems want this to be ignored and the press seems to be reporting these facts as little as possible. It is also clear that we are not only fighting the insurgencies in Iraq but Iran. It appears that we are already at war with Iran.

    On page 29 under "Precipitate Withdrawal" the report has this to say:

    And yet the Dems continue to set a date for withdrawal against the recommendation of the report. No one sees this plan of the Dems as a reasonable and viable solution.

    Under "Achieving Our Goals" on page 31 the report has this to say:

    It is important to note that this report is not the end of the discussion. And is not considered to be so by the committee members itself. There are a good number of problems with the report but it is clear that any information in the report that would suggest any other course of action other than complete and immediate withdrawal is being ignored while other sections of the report are being lifted up in a light not intended by the committee.
  2. poncho

    poncho Well-Known Member

    Mar 30, 2004
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    I don't how anyone who thinks of themselves as conservative can support neocon neoliberal policies. I can understand constantly repeating their jingoism though. I mean it's hammered into our heads morning noon and night.
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