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Is God sovereign in Salvation?

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by evangelist6589, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. evangelist6589

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    Nov 22, 2010
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    Unfortunately some that post here do not believe that God brings in the converts. They attack me because I respect great men of God such as Ray Comfort, John MacArthur and other slaves of God. They also doubt and say that since I have not led anyone to the Lord or discipled many this year then street evangelism must not be effective. So do those that say these things teach that God is not sovereign in salvation and over this world? That I wonder? So in response to these views I say the following.

    God cares more about obedience than about results. Obedience is proclaiming the gospel, even if nobody will believe it, is the final measure of success! God is glorified with every presentation of the gospel. His mercy is glorified when his child receives him in faith. His justice is glorified when the devil's child rejects Christ.

    The Word of God makes it very clear of several things:

    1-It is GOD who gives the increase and brings someone to salvation. We merely plant or water the seeds.

    2-If it were judged by numbers of those who obeyed, then Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and even Jesus Himself would have been terrible prophets who were out of the will of God because they faced a rebellious people who did NOT repent, and Jesus when He went to His hometown, couldn't do much due to what? Their unbelief. Many street preachers have had similar experiences, and continue to be REJECTED.

    3-To look at the numbers of people repenting, is very outwardly focused and not wise. Instead we are taught in the Word to look at our OWN words to make sure that we are lined up with the Word of God, and let the hearers responses be between them and God. Otherwise we could very well tend to water down the Word just to get numbers, or even harden the Word to get the numbers (depending upon the group we speak to.

    4-Just because someone mouths a few words in prayer (the sinners prayer), doesn't make them saved. Being a follower of Jesus is a LIFEstyle, not something to be obtained with a magical set of words. Lordship shows up in the way one lives their lives.

    MANY will come to Jesus in the last days thinking they were saved because they simply called Jesus Lord, Lord....but they never did what He said...never got into that relationship with God the Father through the Son Jesus, and they were false converts!

    5-Yet...by their/our fruit we will know if we are doing our "own thing" or we are actually BEING obedient. So we can't just ignore the fruit that's being produced and say "Oh, well I know I'm okay, it's everyone else who is wrong/has a problem." Let's examine, and realize if we let the Holy Spirit lead then we'll see results---thou not always what we may think or desire, because God's ways are not our ways and his way of drawing people to salvation are not ours! Plus many times it takes multiple presentations for a person to get saved!