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Is Pope in Heaven Devotional

Discussion in '2005 Archive' started by AF Guy N Paradise, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. AF Guy N Paradise

    AF Guy N Paradise Active Member
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    Apr 1, 2002
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    This devotion from today has me thinking and I am still not sure if I agree with everything he said here. These devotionals come from Bill Kellar and he gives permission to put on any message board: Here is the link:


  2. mioque

    mioque New Member

    May 23, 2003
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    Are you certain Kellar is talking about the pope here?
    He isn't mentioned in the text and most of the times when Kellar get's specific he talks about things that don't apply to the pope.
  3. AF Guy N Paradise

    AF Guy N Paradise Active Member
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    Apr 1, 2002
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    You are kind of right, he doesn't get too specific about the Pope. He does talk about Catholics and from my experiences (And maybe I am wrong) most Catholics don't just believe that faith is all it takes, they talk about confirmation, works, etc...
  4. Debby in Philly

    Debby in Philly New Member

    Oct 31, 2003
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    The content of the link changes daily. This is the text under discussion:

    (John 17:21, 2 Timothy 3:16, Ephesians 2:8,9, 1 Corinthians 1:10)

    ***THIS DEVOTIONAL is dedicated to my mother who went to be with the Lord
    several years ago. This would have been her 78th birthday today. How
    wonderful is God's timing. Today Pope Paul II will be buried and I am
    dealing with the Roman Catholic Church, the church my Godly mother who
    loved Jesus and helped lay the foundation of my faith grew up in, left for
    many years, and
    went back to later in her life.

    Is Pope Paul II in Heaven? Without a doubt one of the things I am most
    grateful for is how God has used Liveprayer to bring unity to the badly
    divided Body of Christ. Over 1/3 of those who receive the Daily Devotional
    each day are not Christians. Of the 2/3 who are, they are equally divided
    among those who go to Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Pentecostal,
    Independent, and Catholic Churches. Ever since I started this ministry in
    1992, one of my greatest "big picture" goals was to help bring the Body of
    Christ together as one as our Lord prayed in John 17 just hours before going
    to the cross. Dividing the Body is something satan has been doing since the
    first church in the Book of Acts and what Paul warned about quite often in
    his letters to the churches.

    I purposely stayed away from any denominational affiliation, having my
    ministry credentials with an independent group of ministers. I also kept
    this ministry from any denominational affiliations so that nobody could try
    and label it as "Baptist," even though I got my formal theological training
    at a Baptist Seminary, or "Methodist," even though I was raised and saved in
    the United Methodist Church, or "Pentecostal," even though I believe in the
    gifts of the Spirit. Without having a "label," during my first three years
    I was able to preach in over 500 churches of every denomination, racial and
    ethnic makeup, all over the country.

    You see, my message then and my message now has really never changed. It is
    a universal message that plays to people in and out of the church. "If you
    don't know Jesus by faith you need to make the decision for Him today. If
    you do know the Lord, you need to fully surrender your life and allow Him to
    use you. No matter what problems you may be facing in your life today,
    Jesus is the answer!" As I have shared with you often, when you die, there
    will be only two lines in Heaven, There won't be a line for Whites and one
    for Blacks. There won't be a line for Catholics and one for Protestants.
    There will be one line for those who know Jesus Christ as their Savior by
    faith, and one for those who do not!

    In dealing with a worldwide audience of over 2 million people every day, I
    am VERY well aware of the incredible divisions there are in Christ's Body.
    Perhaps no division is as great as the one between Catholics and
    non-Catholics. I deal with this issue daily in individual cases but have
    never addressed it in the Daily Devotional. I want you to pray, open your
    heart to the words I am going to share with you, and hear the voice of God
    speaking to you today as I do my best to bring balance and clarity to this
    area of division within the Body of Christ.

    Let me start right away and say that those non-Catholics who think the Roman
    Catholic Church is a cult and anyone who is part of that church is going to
    hell, could not be more wrong. I am very aware of those who teach this
    message of hate and division, and they should be ashamed of themselves and
    will one day answer to God. On the other side, however, those Catholics who
    think that any non-Catholic has denied the faith and will go to hell for not
    being part of the Roman Catholic Church is just as wrong. Please, I am NOT
    interested in receiving your dissertations, your cut and paste emails from
    websites that try and support EITHER of these extreme positions so don't
    send them!

    The fact is, the Roman Catholic Church has a long and well-documented
    history. However, the reality is, it is simply a denomination or group of
    churches, no different than a group of Southern Baptist, United Methodist,
    or Assemblies of God Churches. Each group of churches or denomination has
    their own rich heritage, traditions, and leaders. The critical point is
    that while each group of churches or denominations have their own unique
    differences in regard to different doctrinal issues, what makes them
    CHRISTIAN churches is the foundational element of the Christian faith. Who
    Jesus Christ is, that salvation is through faith in Christ alone, and the
    authority of God's inspired, inerrant Word.


    Is the Pope in Heaven? There is only ONE WAY to get to Heaven and that is
    by putting your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. My personal opinion is
    that he is. Not because he was the Pope, but because of His faith in Jesus
    Christ. You see, the moment you die, who you were in this life isn't
    important. As the old adage goes, it is Who you know! The only thing that
    matters the moment you die is, DO YOU KNOW JESUS AS YOUR SAVIOR BY FAITH.
    God will reward us for our faithfulness in serving Him during our life, but
    what we do during our life can't get us to Heaven, only faith in Jesus
    Christ will get us into Heaven!

    Now let me address some of the issues about the Roman Catholic Church that
    have led many who know the Lord to leave that church and has caused much of
    the division with non-Catholics. 3 of the 700+ retired ministers who serve
    the Lord by helping me each day respond to the over 40,000 emails that we
    receive are Roman Catholic Priests. Over my years of ministry, I have
    personally preached in over 1/2 dozen Catholic Churches (and I can assure
    you that I shared the unadulterated truth of the Gospel and gave an altar
    call as I do whenever I preach in public), and the best we can tell, approx.
    200,000 of the 2 million plus subscribers to the Daily Devotional are
    Catholics. I have read and studied the Catechism of the Roman Catholic
    Church and as a student of church history am very well aware of what the
    Catholic Church teaches.

    The problem most non-Catholics have with the Catholic Church is what I call
    their non-Biblical traditions, which by the way, ALL groups of churches or
    denominations have. I don't have the time to go through a complete list but
    the main ones are how they deal with the mother of Jesus, Mary. She was a
    virgin when she was immaculately conceived by the Holy Spirit, however, she
    was a person of flesh and blood like you and I and was born with sin just
    like you and I were. She also had other children as we know from the
    Scriptures. There is nothing wrong with honoring her for the incredible
    role God chose her to play in her life, but she is NOT a deity and praying
    to her is as meaningless as it is to pray to any other person who is dead
    (including those the Catholic Church has deemed to be "saints") or alive.
    There is only ONE person we pray to and that is Jesus.

    Another big issue in the Catholic Church is Communion. The tradition of the
    Catholic Church is that the wafer representing the body of our Lord and the
    wine representing His blood literally becomes the body and blood of Christ.
    That is a very real theological argument that Scripture does not support,
    but I don't see that as an area for major contention. The Bible exhorts us
    to take Communion often in remembrance of the sacrifice of our Lord and
    there are those who believe based on certain verses it becomes the literal
    body and blood of Christ. Another issue that I don't think is that
    important is confessing your sins to a Priest. The Bible tells us to
    confess our sins one to another, so there is nothing wrong if it is your
    Priest you choose to do that with. However, please understand that NO MAN,
    only Jesus can forgive you of your sins since it was only Jesus who died for
    your sins.

    Another issue that is critical to talk about is salvation. The teaching of
    the Catholic Church clearly is that salvation is through faith in Jesus
    Christ alone. However, there are some who teach in error (just like some
    non-Catholic churches do) that you can do enough good works to earn your way
    into Heaven which is clearly refuted by Ephesians 2:8,9. Those who teach
    this point to the passage in James that "faith without works is dead." The
    fact is that passage was written to people who were already saved. The
    Bible clearly teaches that a person who is truly saved will have "fruit" or
    good works follow them. These good works do not save them but flow from
    their salvation.

    Also, it needs to be addressed that many Catholics think that they were the
    "first church." Actually, the first church is well documented in the Book
    of Acts and was in Jerusalem, not Rome. There was quite a network of
    churches in that part of the world before there was any church at Rome, and
    those early churches in the city of Rome were offshoots of those other
    various churches who came to plant churches there. It was several hundred
    years later, with many well established churches all over that part of the
    world before what we know as the Romans Catholic Church really emerged.

    Lastly is the Bible. The Catholic Bible has 6 historical books known as the
    Apocrypha that deal with those 400 years from the end of Malachi, the end of
    the Old Testament, to the start of the New Testament. These books were
    never found to be inspired or inerrant and thus are not part of the 66 books
    we call the Bible. The Bible is God's inspired, inerrant Word, representing
    Absolute Truth and our final authority in all matters. It, and it alone is
    our authority and overrides any teachings or traditions of man.

    Of course, there are many other non-Biblical traditions like purgatory and
    numerous others. Having said all of that, let me be clear. The Roman
    Church is a Christian Church and NOT a cult since the core teachings of the
    Church are salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone and the Bible as God's
    Word. Since the 1970's, there has been a very active and growing Charismati
    c group within the Roman Catholic Church that is as Pentecostal as any
    Pentecostal Church you will ever attend. Also, in the past 10 years, there
    is a growing and strong evangelical movement within the Catholic Church.
    They are working within the Church to bring back a greater emphasis on the
    Word of God and on the message of salvation and less emphasis on the
    traditions of the Catholic Church.

    Many people who know Christ as their Savior by faith have chosen to stay in
    the Catholic Church. They are just as saved, love the Lord, and honor His
    Word as much as anyone who attends a non-Catholic Church. Are there people
    in the Catholic Church who aren't saved? Of course! Just like there are
    people in any church who are not saved. My friend, your Methodist Church
    can't save you, your Baptist Church can't save you, your Pentecostal Church
    can't save you, only faith in Jesus Christ can save you! Being baptized
    can't save you, the faith of your parents can't save you, no amount of good
    works can save you, ONLY FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST CAN SAVE YOU!!!

    I love you and care about you so much. I watch daily as satan works to
    divide the Body of Christ, and perhaps there is no division as great as the
    one between Catholics and non-Catholics. Martin Luther's break with the
    Catholic Church took place at a time when the Catholic Church was more of a
    political entity than a spiritual one. Luther wanted to get back to the
    foundation of the faith, that being salvation is through God's grace and our
    faith alone (Ephesians 2:8,9), or sola fides, and the authority of God's
    Word, or sola scriptura. Regardless of the manmade, non-Biblical traditions
    of the Catholic Church, we are bonded by the shed blood of Jesus Christ
    since what makes us a Christian is not the name of the building we choose to
    worship in, but our faith in Christ.

    I will continue to do my part in helping to bring unity to the Body of
    Christ by keeping people focused on the fact our real enemy is satan, not
    each other. The universal message of the Bible is that God loves each of us
    so much, and desires to have a personal and intimate relationship with us
    now and for all of eternity. However, it is our sin that is separating us
    from God, and it is only faith in His Son Jesus Christ that can wash our
    sins away and reconcile us to a holy God. Even though we may disagree on
    some doctrinal issues, on how a worship service is conducted, or any number
    of other issues, let us never forget that those who know Jesus Christ by
    faith will be spending all of eternity together so we better start learning
    how to live with our brothers and sisters in Christ now.

    Let us pray in the coming days as the Roman Catholic Church elects the next
    Pope to head that great church's 1.1 billion members worldwide. I have
    confided in some of my Catholic friends that one of my great wishes is to be
    Pope for a day. I would organize a 24-hour telethon to be aired around the
    world. It would be a special telethon since we would not be raising money,
    but saving souls. It would be 24 hours of non-stop soulwining and with the
    power of the Papacy, I believe it would be the greatest harvest of souls the
    world has ever seen. Let us pray that the next Pope of the Roman Catholic
    Church will not only have a heart for the hurting but also the lost, and the
    boldness to stand and proclaim that Jesus Christ is "the way, the truth and
    the life and that no one comes to the Father except through Him!"

    In his love and service,
    Your friend and brother in Christ,
    Bill Keller
  5. Debby in Philly

    Debby in Philly New Member

    Oct 31, 2003
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    My feeling is, that this pope, and other Catholics who are saved IN SPITE of their church, will be greeted by Christ in heaven where He will say "You didn't have to do all of that! Trusting in Me was enough!"
  6. Mapipe

    Mapipe Member
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    Nov 30, 2004
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    What exactly does this guy think that the pope has the power to do. He can neither save nor deny salvation. This philosophy is rather ill.
  7. Brandon Tallman

    Brandon Tallman New Member

    Jan 17, 2005
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    I think if the pope didnt understand he was sinner saved by grace then he was a sinner not saved at all.