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It's All About Being Crucified

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Ztheberean, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    We need to learn to compare scripture with scripture so that we can spiritually judge all things, and have an answer for every man because we have the mind of Christ. (Is 28:9-10, 1Cor 2:15-16, Phil 1:9, 1Pet 3:15, Col 4:6)

    Once we believe in Jesus, we need to come to learn, under His light yoke of repentant faith so that we could be instructed and have rest (the holy understanding, see Prov 9:10) for our souls. (Matt 11:28-29 cf. Jer 31:18-19) This form of teaching causes obedience from our hearts so that we would no longer serve sin; but become servants of righteousness (Rom 6:17-18 with Titus 2:12); unto holiness (Rom 6:22). Because ALL scripture should be given unto us for our instruction in righteousness, so that we can be perfected to go on to do good works. (2Tim 3:16-17) These are the servants who labor among us (in the word) who are to be highly esteemed because of this loving work. This is how we live in peace. (5:12-13)

    Our old man (sinful nature) needs to be crucified so that the body of sins would be destroyed. (Rom 6:6) For those that are DEAD (as a result from going through the crucifying process) are FREED from sin. (6:7) This is why we are commanded to not let sin reign ( have control) in our body (without crucifying it) OR we will obey it in it’s lusts. (6:12) If we continue to live after our flesh we will (spiritually) DIE. This is why we need to (ask God to help us) mortify the (sinful) deeds of our body. (Rom 8:13) This process is also known as the operation of God, (Col 2:12) the circumcision made without hands, (2:11)the laying of the foundation of repentance, (Heb 6:1) and the mortification of our earthly nature.
    (Col 3:5) We can’t become a servant of righteousness UNTIL we are freed from sin (through the crucifixion process). (Rom 6:18)And this process begins with a willingness. (2Cor 8:12)

    We can cleanse ourselves from ALL filthiness of our flesh (deeds) and spirit (evil thoughts) (through the crucifixion process) which will perfect holiness in the fear of God. (2Cor 7:1) The fear of the Lord is to hate the evil of “self moving ability”, which is within the pride (of our own will being accomplished); All of this is the evil way of coming to God without the sound wisdom that we need to understand. (Prov 8:13-14) Being holy is having understanding. (Prov 9:10) This is why we need to be willing to rearrange our life (for a time)so that we can truly STUDY God’s word (by the doctrine, Is 28:9-10 kjv) so that we will not only be approved of God, but so we can rightly divide His truth from Error. (2Tim 2:15) God’s children are called to come out from among the world (for their crucifixion and study of the word) so that they can be received by God as His sons and daughters. (2Cor 6:17-18) This is why God says, that AFTER we have suffered (our crucifixion with Christ, see Gal 2:20) for awhile, He will make us perfect (loving see Col 3:14); and establish us. (in righteousness) (1Pet 5:10, Lev 19:23-24)

    Do you understand that we need to put to death (crucify) our flesh so that we can become born again? (or quickened) (1Pet 3:18)This is why we are waiting through the Spirit, for the hope of righteousness and loving ability by faith. (Gal 5:5-6) It is only those that have crucified their flesh with it’s affections and lusts that are Christ’s. (Gal 5:24) Do you now understand the need to be crucified with Christ, so that the new life (our new nature) can be lived by the faith of the Son of God who loved us and gave Himself for us? (Gal 2:20) If you have gone through the laying of the foundation of repentance ( Heb 6:1, also known as the crucifying process, Gal 2:20, Rom 6:6, 8:13, Col 2;11-12, 1Pet 3:18, 4:1, 5:10, Gal 5:24, 2Cor 7:1,
    Col 3:5,8-19) these are the virtues you will have because God has worked them in you and out of you:

    1. Diligence to clear yourself of sin
    2. Laboring with the Lord to clear yourself of sin
    3. An indignation towards sin
    4. A fear to be in sin
    5. An Earnest desire to get rid of sins
    6. Zeal to be out of sins
    7. Taking revenge against sins (through confession, 1Jn 1:9)

    And this process starts with a willingness. (2Cor 8:12) Anyone who says we can’t go through this process, the word isn’t in them. (1Jn 1:10)Do you have the evidence of obtaining these virtues? (2Cor 7:10-11) IF not, then you have NOT layed the foundation of repentance and God will not permit you to go on to perfection,(Heb 6:1,3) and, consequently, the foundation you have built is on SAND. (Matt 7:26) This foundation will fall (7:27) because it has not been built upon the rock, which is Jesus, through repentance. This is why Jesus says we need to repent and believe the gospel first, (Mk 1:15) which is a gift from God, (Acts 5:31, 18) and come to repentance (the crucifixion process) which will lead to godliness. (1Pet 3:9,11) This is also known as the putting off of anger, malice, filthy communication, (slander) lies. (Col 3:8-9) And then we can go on to put on the “new man” which is renewed in the knowledge after the image of Him that created him. (3:10)

    If you think that you are justified by Christ, and you are still found to be a sinner, you are making Jesus Christ the minister of sin, which God forbids. (Gal 2:17) There are no liars, slanderers, or immoral people for Jesus Christ. (Col 3:5) For these things, the wrath of God will come upon all the children of disobedience. (3:6) IF you are willing to consider (meaning, reading this and meditating upon it, with a desire to do ) what is being said to You, the LORD will give you understanding in ALL things. (1Tim 2:7) For whom the Lord LOVES He chastens (through the teaching of grace, Titus 2:12) and scourges every son and daughter He receives. (Heb 12:6) It’s all about the teaching of grace which enables us to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts so that we can live soberly (under God’s control) and godly in this present world. (Titus 2:11-12) For God has given us all the things we need that pertain to a life of godliness, (2Pet 1:3) whereby He gives us great and precious promises that by these, we might be partakers of the divine nature- AFTER escaping worldly lusts. (1:4)
    These are the virtues we can ADD to our faith, with all diligence through the power of the Holy Spirit:

    1. Virtue (strongs # 703 - moral excellence)
    2. Knowledge (#1108 - godly understanding)
    3. Temperance (#1466 - self-control, one who masters their sensual appetites and passions)
    4. Patience (# 5281 - longsuffering, perseverance)
    5. Godliness ( the holy life is an indicator of sound doctrinal teaching, 1Tim 6:3, Zodhiates word study)
    6. Brotherly Kindness ( love of the brethren, love feasts)
    7. Love (affection - goodwill)

    Anyone who says we can’t be all of the virtues of 1-7 unless we are without sin, the truth is NOT in them. (1Jn 1:8) IF these virtues are in you, and are increasing, you will never be barren or unfruitful in the true knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. (1Pet 1:5-8) BUT, those that Lack these virtues are Blind, (meaning, unrepentant) and have NOT been purged (or crucified) from their old sins. (1:9)So, IF we will give diligence to ask God to help us with these things, we will NEVER FALL. (1:10) For God says that a willingness to do these things, is acceptable. (2Cor 8:12)The bottom line here is, are you willing to suffer in your flesh like Christ, so that you can cease from sin? ( 1Pet 4:1) Remember, MANY are called (to believe in Jesus), but only a FEW are chosen (to become Christian). (Matt 20:16, 22:14) And, IF the righteous are SCARCELY saved, where will the ungodly and the sinner appear?? (1Pet 4:18) Broad is the way of destruction, which many will go into, but the narrow way (of repentance) only few will enter in. (Matt 7:13-14) This is why Jesus warns us to beware of false prophets who come in sheep’s clothing (ministers of righteousness) but inside they are sifting your soul. (7:15) IF you don’t know this, it’s because you will not be a Berean and search the scriptures to see what is being said (or not being said) is the whole truth. (Acts 17:11) Therefore, pray that you would be willing to rearrange your life to spend the time to study God’s word, so that you can rightly divide His truth from error; (2Tim 2:15, 1Thess 4:11) then you won’t be unlearned, and you will not end up twisting the scriptures unto your own destruction. (2Tim 3:16) This is why God sends a preacher to us so that we can hear of the good news of His good things. (Rom 10:15) There are thousands of instructors in Christ, but not many fathers who teach the (true) gospel. (1Cor 4:15) But, who believes this report? (Is 53:1, Jn 12:38, Rom 10:16) This is why God says that there must be heresies among us, so that those that are approved by God, will be manifested. (1Cor 11:19)