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Landmarkism and the Baptists of Philadelphia

Discussion in 'Baptist History' started by Mark Osgatharp, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. Mark Osgatharp

    Mark Osgatharp New Member

    Aug 27, 2002
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    Squire Robertson,

    Here is an incident you might find interesting as it relates to the principles of Landmarkism and the Baptists of the north. It is found in appendix C of J.R. Graves book "Old Landmarkism." Graves relates the following:

    This is one of those cases where the battle was won but the war was lost. For it is now a historical, and present, reality that the floods of infidelism swept the Baptists of Philadelphia and the north like a Tsunami. Within a few decades after Pendleton and Graves were dead, the old Northern Baptist establishment was pushing out those who refused to sit in harmony with apostates and infidels and Magoon got his revenge.

    When Graves put that little appendix in his book, I'm positive he never in his wildest dreames imagined that within a century of it's publication the Baptists of old Philadelphia would have long since quiting debating the propriety of pulpit affiliation and would be debating the propriety of same gender sexual relationships.

    Mark Osgatharp
  2. Squire Robertsson

    Squire Robertsson Administrator

    Jul 4, 2000
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    Ahh, but Mark, we started leaving Dodge seventy to eighty years ago. My lineal spiritual kinfolk got out of Dodge back in '47. So, don't put anything the ABC or its ilk does on our shoulders.

    And I dare say from reading Wayland, he based his opposition on his stands on the autonomy of the local church and the inablity of a local church to be represented. I would also like to know when this controversy took place.