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Liberal and Conservative Exchange

Discussion in '2006 Archive' started by Maverick, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Maverick

    Maverick New Member

    Feb 3, 2002
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    As some of you know, I answer questions at http://www.allexperts.com. Well, this was my latest one though it isn't really a question. I have had some rather varied questions including the legitimacy of bondage and S&M in marriage, but this was the first from a political and even threatening perspective. Anyway, since I didn't feel like this was really a shot at me I just dealt with the issues. I figured you might like to see what Liberal said and what an old redneck Conservative said in response. Blessings to y'all!

    Subject: we liberals hate and despise you.
    Question: you call yourself a man of god but nothing could be further from the truth!!!! you and your redneck ignorant bush rats go around calling those that don,t conform to your ideology and lifestyle freaks and baby killers! well pay backs a bitch and you mark my words the lord will show you red neck southern states no mercy! the lord will send hurricaines more devastating then katrina the lord will send wild fires that will charbroil texas!!!! you miserable redneck bush rats are going to pay the price for your treachery!


    Well, this is not really a question but I will speak to the issues. This looks like a general statement of disagreement that is not necessarily directed at me but rather I am being used as a sounding board so I will respond in that matter.

    Not sure what treachery you are talking about so I'll let that go, as I have not been involved in any treachery. Bush was my only alternative, but not my first choice. He is portrayed as a Conservative but in reality he is a Moderate Liberal. So I am not a Bush rat. He has not done what I would have liked him to do but he didn't do what Gore or Kerry would have been done so it was still a fair trade. I would have been much happier with a man like Pat Buchanan, who interestingly is the only one to have nominated a Black woman as a Vice-Presidential candidate whereas as the so-called party of the minorities has not nominated any sort of minority for that slot
    unless you consider a White woman as one. So only a renegade Republican and
    what some might call an ultra-Conservative was willing to give a minority a shot at it. Ironic, is it not?

    Hmm, I don't use the word freak very often so I don't recall calling anyone a freak lately. Not all Liberals are freaks and we have some Conservatives that might be classified as freaks from what I understand the word freak to mean. But then again we are in a culture that doesn't know what "is" means so maybe there is another slant on the word that I don't know.

    As to baby killers, I believe that life begins at conception and that a fertilized egg is as much a human as it will ever get genetically. All it does is grow. Hence if you purposely destroy that life you are killing a baby. Those who commit the act will be held accountable by God, as will all who support the killing of that innocent life. Therefore those who do it and those who support it are baby killers. I don't know another way to call it but if I used different terms it wouldn't be any less irritating to the perpetrators or their friends.

    Hmm, all this hatred, prejudice, and threats against the South and rednecks aren't exactly Christian either so that finger you are pointing has three pointing back at you. Besides, if you look at the popular vote map of the last election the entire country was very, very red. Even some of the Blue states only stayed blue by a slim margin. So animosity over this administration being focused on the South is not valid but then again I have found that most Liberals don't care if their claims are valid or not only if they can generate negative press.

    As to natural disasters, the main target of Katrina was a decidedly Liberal town where the Mayor shows a bit of racism in his chocolate comment. Texas was not hit very hard at all and the Conservative state of MS is further along to recovery because they are not sitting on their tails waiting for the Fed.

    Let's see California has always been a Liberal state and they have fires, floods, mudslides, and earthquakes. Is God sending those? By the way, if you are keeping up with the news our wild fire problem is pretty much solved with all the rain we have had lately. Maybe God called the fires off since you accused Him of punishing Texas. Be careful what you blame or give God credit for if you can't prove it.

    The worst damage caused by Katrina was by man's stupidity in building a city in a hole surrounded by water in an area known for hurricanes. Man's ignorance will take care of a lot of things for God. He just has to stand by and laugh at it but instead He is gracious enough to mitigate the damage and bless people through the disaster.

    Also, isn't interesting that 9-11 only affected Northern states? If the South is such a problem and God wanted to zap Texas they should have nuked Dallas or Houston not hit the towers in NYC. I don't pretend to tell God what He is going to do. What if the terrorists hit NYC again or California? Are you going to rethink and say that maybe God doesn't like Liberals? I wouldn't be surprised if they hit Hollywood since even they find the material coming out of there as offensive and decadent. By the way, when is the last time you heard anyone from there say anything remotely Christian or civil and they are very Liberal?

    As to ideology, my ideology doesn't matter. God's ideology is the only one that counts. As long as I remain faithful to what he says in the Book I am a man of God in that area. Frankly, I don't care much for that phrase but I understand the concept it implies. Am I perfect? Nope, I'm far from it. He is still working on me. I won't be perfect until I reach the gates. As Paul said, I press towards the mark.

    Lifestyle issues. If the Bible gave instructions on nose picking I would preach those instructions no matter if it said eat instead of flick or whether the commonly held premise was opposite of His instructions or commands. That is my job as a preacher. Like the devil, if the culture doesn't like it they can sit on a tack. As a "man of God", I can do nothing else but preach what it says. A lot of Texans and Californians would be mad if I preached that driving a SUV is a waste of resources and bad stewardship but that case could be made. It matters not if the current social order agrees with the Word or not I have to preach it as it is. So wherever it
    speaks to lifestyle issues those things must be preached. I have changed my
    way of life since my conversion and continue to find things to change thirty
    plus years later. I can disagree with God but I will be wrong. His creation, His rules, and I can cooperate or not with my free will but if I sin without Christ I lose my soul in Hell (and you think paybacks are something) and if I sin with Christ I lose blessings here and rewards there. It's crazy to disagree with God, but then all mankind is crazy. The only difference is degrees of insanity. If we were sane we would see that God loves us and would not have us do anything that would harm us so it is best to follow His ways. Instead both Christians and non-Christians try to second guess God and do things that constantly bring us pain and hardship.
    That is insanity.

    Sorry, that you are all angry and vengeful. I don't share the emotions but I do get passionate about issues from time to time. I am against much of what is called Liberal theology, politics, etc but my desire is that all men come to the truth and God wants that more than I do. Sure, it is easy to call down fire like James and John wanted to do but I must remember that prior to 1975 I would have been one that the fire would have came upon and except for the grace of God would come down upon me today. That doesn't mean that I condone ideologies or actions. I can hack them to pieces with the Sword of the Spirit but I need to spare the people that espouse the errors and pray for their conversion. Like Christ and the Apostles, I can play hard ball with the ones who should know better, the modern versions of Pharisees and Sadducees, but with the common person I need to be a bit lighter as they may well just need to be told the truth.

    Thank you for your input and may God grant you wisdom, joy and peace through
    salvation which is in His Son, Jesus Christ.