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Liberal GOPers want Democrat approval

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by Bro. Curtis, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Bro. Curtis

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    Oct 25, 2001
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    ...."I know that climate change is real. ... It's real. We've got to address it. We can do it with technology, with cap and trade, with capitalist and free enterprise motivation. And I'm confident that we can pass on to our children and grandchildren a cleaner, better world," McCain added.

    Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani then chimed in. "I agree with John," said Giuliani. "Climate change is real. It's happening. I believe human beings are contributing to it. I think the best way to deal with it is through energy independence." Giuliani added that he thought "all parties should embrace this as an issue."

    The moderator then put the question to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. "Is global warming an issue for the world? Absolutely," said Romney. "Is it something we can deal with by becoming energy independent and energy secure? We sure can.

    "But at the same time, we call it global warming, not America warming. So let's not put a burden on us alone and have the rest of the world skate by without having to participate in this effort. It's a global effort," Romney added.

    Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was asked a different question: Would he increase mandates for biofuels? He said he did not think that was necessary but echoed a statement made earlier by McCain that if we proceed as if man-made global warming is happening and it turns out we are wrong, all the things we have done to stop it will make the world cleaner for our children.

    "But climate change and who's causing it is of less importance than what Senator McCain said. He's exactly right," said Huckabee. "We have done no harm if we take better care of this planet and give it to our children with cleaner air, cleaner soil and cleaner water."

    In August, Huckabee was asked directly by The Hotline whether he believes global warming is caused by humans. He responded that he is "not a scientist" but thinks "we ought to act as if that is the case."....
  2. saturneptune

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    Jan 16, 2006
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    Romney and Giuliani will guarantee a Democratic victory. Either one nominated and it is third party for me.