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Libya: Rebels Create Humanitarian Disaster, Then Blame it on Qaddafi

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by poncho, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. poncho

    poncho Well-Known Member

    Mar 30, 2004
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    Corporate media complicit in covering for rebel war crimes.

    by Tony Cartalucci

    Despite desperate attempts by Wall Street and London to proclaim their intervention in Libya a success, even going as far as sending their political proxies Nicolas Sarkozy of France and David Cameron of the United Kingdom for a quick photo opportunity at the rebel held airport in contested Tripoli, vast swaths of the nation are still fiercely resisting NATO and their proxy rebel forces. This includes entire cities still standing in defiance against rebel attempts to "starve them out" and dozens of daily NATO airstrikes (NATO report for September 22) aimed at breaking the population's will to fight on.

    Weeks ago, the rebel forces, led by US State Department and UK Home Office listed terrorists from the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a subsidiary of Al Qaeda, boldly announced plans to starve out cities resisting their unelected, foreign backed seizure of the North African nation. The London Telegraph reported in an article aptly titled, "Libya crisis: Rebel leaders hoping to starve Gaddafi stronghold of Sirte into submission," that under the cover of heavy NATO bombing rebel leaders hoped "to starve Col Gaddafi's home town of Sirte into submission, laying siege to his last remaining stronghold in an attempt to avoid mass bloodshed, according to the man spearheading efforts for a peaceful takeover."

    Fox News would relay an AP report on September 2, 2011, that rebel commanders declared, "we want to save our fighters and not lose a single one in battles with Qaddafi's forces. In the end, we will get Sirte, even if we have to cut water and electricity and let NATO pound it with airstrikes." AP cited Mohammed al-Rajali, a spokesman for the rebel leadership in the eastern city of Benghazi. Ironically, the article was titled, "UN Warns Libya is Short of Water, Fuel, Medicine," a crisis admittedly being caused by the premeditated denial for entire cities of critical supplies for their civilian populations, enabled by NATO bombing and under the cover of UN recognition of the terrorist rebels - a move that has soundly resigned the UN's legitimacy and stated purpose to the scrapheap of history.​

    This is also a verifiable war crime. As reported earlier, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross, the denial of humanitarian assistance is a crime under international law. The Red Cross adds that "a massacre is not necessarily committed only with knives." While many will attempt to portray the premeditated creation of a humanitarian disaster as "more humane" than taking the Libya's cities by force - rebels have in fact already tried force, for now over a month, and have been soundly repelled.

    CONTINUE . . .

    Our military has fallen under the control of an international gang of mass murderers and war criminals. Right now we're ten times worse than the Soviet Union ever was. Are you all proud of this?

    I'm made to believe that if I don't go along with this and honor those who have turned a blind eye to these crimes and refuse to honor their oath to the U.S. Constitution I am a wacked out loon.

    Or worse, a liberal! You folks have gone insane. You'll believe anything the global corporations who are behind all these crimes tell you without question. When a person tries to tell you the truth you deny it and start you're personal attacks. Some of you like InTheDark don't even have the courage to face the person you are attacking prefering instead to hide behind an "ignore button"

    You believe black is white and up is down wrong is right and "our" government can never do anything wrong. Torture isn't really torture because "we" do it. When "we" do it it's something else. Make up a name for it any name will do just so long as you don't have to look at the gory reality of it.

    The terrorists are out to get us because of our "freedom". Has nothing to do with the fact we go around bombing countries to oblivion and forcing their people to accept our western ways. "International" sanctions that starve children who have never harmed us in any way. Privately owned central banks and global corporations take over their country and suck all the wealth out of them. Just like they are doing here and in Europe.

    And yet I am told I should be proud of this and honor those who are doing it and allow it to happen?

    I don't think so.