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Matthew 28:1 in 'old' and 'new' translations

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Gerhard Ebersoehn, Dec 5, 2015.

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    Jul 31, 2004
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    Matthew 28:1 in 'old' and 'new' translations

    Matthew 28:1 Greek translations

    1Ὀψὲ δὲ σαββάτων, τῇἐπιφωσκούσῃ εἰς μίαν σαββάτων, ἦλθε Μαρία ἡ Μαγδαληνὴ καὶἡἄλλη Μαρία θεωρῆσαι τὸν τάφον. 2καὶἰδοὺ σεισμὸς ἐγένετο μέγας• ἄγγελος γὰρ Κυρίου καταβὰς ἐξ οὐρανοῦ προσελθὼν ἀπεκύλισε τὸν λίθον ἀπὸ τῆς θύρας καὶἐκάθητο ἐπάνω αὐτοῦ. 3ἦν δὲἡἰδέα αὐτοῦὡς ἀστραπὴ καὶ τὸἔνδυμα αὐτοῦ λευκὸν ὡσεὶ χιών. 4ἀπὸ δὲ τοῦ φόβου αὐτοῦἐσείσθησαν οἱ τηροῦντες καὶἐγένοντο ὡσεὶ νεκροί. 5ἀποκριθεὶς δὲὁἄγγελος εἶπε ταῖς γυναιξί•

    1Ὀψὲ δὲ σαββάτων, τῇἐπιφωσκούσῃ εἰς μίαν σαββάτων,

    ‘opse de sabbatohn tehi epiphohskousehi eis Mian sabbatohn’:-
    KJV 1611,
    “In the end of the Sabbath as it (the end of the Sabbath) began to dawn towards the First Day of the week….”
    Literal: “In Sabbath’s fullness being-in- the mid-inclining-day-light towards the First Day of the week”,
    ‘opse sabbatohn’, “Sabbath’s fullness-of-day”
    ‘tehi’, “in the”
    ‘epi’, “mid-inclining”
    ‘phohs’, “day-light”
    ‘ous-ehi’, “being(shining)”
    ‘eis’, “beginning to dawn towards / against / before / unto”
    ‘Mian (hehmeran) sabbatohn’, “the First Day of the week”.

    Αφού δε επέρασε το σάββατον, περί τα χαράγματα της πρώτης
    ημέρας της εβδομάδος ήλθε Μαρία η Μαγδαληνή και η άλλη
    Μαρία, διά να θεωρήσωσι τον τάφον.
    Μετάφραση Νεόφυτου Βάμβα. Greek: N. Vamvas (Bambas) New
    Testament. [published after 1924]
    ‘Αφού’ (‘aphíehmi’), ‘to let go’, ‘to let pass’; ‘aphosioûsthai tohi
    theohi’, ‘time to make expiatory offerings to a god’.
    ‘επέρασε’ from ‘perisseúoh’, ‘surplus’, ‘excess’, ‘residue’; ‘ta
    peritteúonta’, ‘what remains over’.
    ‘peri’, ‘the latter’, ‘about’.
    ‘το σάββατον’ Nominative Subject, ‘the Sabbath (Seventh Day) of
    the week’.
    ‘τα χαράγματα’ from ‘to cháragma’, ‘palisade’, ‘mark’, ‘trench’.
    ‘της πρώτης ημέρας’, ‘of the First Day’
    ‘της εβδομάδος’ for ‘sabbátohn’, ‘of the week’.
    “The Seventh Day of the week the latter outgoing remaining
    time at the marking (dawn) of the First Day of the week.”

    Καὶἤγγισεν εἰς τὴν μίαν σαββάτων οὗἐπορεύετο / ἐπορεύθη τὸ σάββατον [GE]


    I have no idea what you're trying to say.
    I'm saying in 'alternative' Greek just what Matthew 28:1a says and means.

    Literally, I am saying,
    Καὶἤγγισεν εἰς τὴν μίαν σαββάτων οὗἐπορεύετο / ἐπορεύθη τὸ σάββατον
    "And drew near to the First Day of the week the Sabbath while going out" or "Then while the Sabbath was ending and approached the First Day of the week . . .".

    In other words, I make "The Sabbath" the Subject, Nominative, "drawing near to the First Day and going out at its end when there suddenly was a great earthquake and the angel of the Lord descended."

    Does it now make sense?

    << Matta 28 >>
    Matthew 28 Turkish
    1 Şabat Gününü izleyen haftanın ilk günü, tan yeri ağarırken, Mecdelli Meryem ile öbür Meryem mezarı görmeye gittiler
    ‘Gününü’—Daylight shining
    ‘izleyen’—Light surplus following in the end
    ‘haftanın’—of the week (Sabbath)
    ‘ilk’—middle moderate / coming (towards)
    ‘günü’—sun (down) eclipse (turning of)
    ‘tan’—dawn witness diagnose define towards
    ‘yeri’—seat rest
    ‘ağarırken’-‘agir’—slow down lazy, and -‘irk’—dark night

    ‘Mecdelli Meryem’—Mary Magdalene
    ‘ile öbür Meryem’—with the other Mary
    ‘mezarı’—to the grave
    ‘görmeye’—to see / to visit
    ‘gittiler’—stepped out began to proceed (on purpose / by degree - began to)

    Can you make out mention of “the First Day of the week”?!

    Now what designed FRAUD is all this on Bible hub . . .

    Strong's Transliteration Greek English Morphology
    3796 [e]
    OpseὈψὲ after Prep

    1161 [e]
    δὲ moreover Conj

    4521 [e]
    σαββάτων, Sabbath, N-GNP

    3588 [e]

    τῇ it Art-DFS

    2020 [e]
    epiphōskousēἐπιφωσκούσῃ being dawn V-PPA-DFS

    1519 [e]
    εἰς toward Prep

    1520 [e]
    μίαν [the] first [day] Adj-AFS

    4521 [e]
    σαββάτων, of [the] week, N-GNP

    . . . scandalous! A shame for 'Christian scholarship'!

    But God Almighty sees; He is not blind or lame. God shall take revenge

    I have witnessed it myself.

    Check 'Strong's', 'Green's', 'Knoch's'.

    Check them in the first written publications. Check them in every place where TIME and DAY are of the essence to an understanding of what you read in places like Matthew 28:1.

    In other words, note how 'sources' like the mentioned CHANGED through the years, and, changed, even from the time they first appeared on internet to the present.

    For example, follow the way the word 'opse' in the Greek (of Matthew 28:1) was 'expounded' through time.

    At first, in printed academic books 'opse' was said to be an Adverb. Period.
    [These books are nowadays stored up in cellars under university and other libraries.]

    'opse' was said to mean "late". Period

    How long did 'opse' stay an Adverb meaning "late" since it made its debut on internet?

    How long did it stay like that in print since the late twentieth century?

    Then one day, and you looked up 'opse' on internet (through any 'source'), or book, and there it stood (unobtrusive), 'opse', Adverb, "late" / Preposition, "after"!

    and today: 'opse', Preposition : "after" PERIOD

    No more: Adverb, 'late'!!

    Now check up the 'Translations'. Check the 'ol' KJV' against the NKJV . . . and ask yourself, No longer is the AV-AKJV the authority? Is it now the ANKJV -- the 'Authorized NEW King James Version'?

    I SAW it happen.

    What is going on?

    Were the old guys stupid, inferior, quasi scholars? Were they actually LIARS who fraudulently "divided" God's Word?

    No! The old guys were the real scholars. And now a days with all the electronic knowledge so increased and superior, there ARE NO REAL MEN who are the learned teachers of the masses. It is all machines!

    And POLITICIANS are the machines' operators.

    Strong's Transliteration Greek English Morphology

    3588 [e]

    τῇ it Art-DFS
    Have you ever heard of <it>, an Article?!

    Strong's Transliteration Greek English Morphology

    2020 [e]
    epiphōskousēἐπιφωσκούσῃ being dawn V-PPA-DFS

    Since when is the up-coming "dawn" of morning, "in the very epi-centre of daylight shining down, mid-inclining" [viz., the afternoon-'dawn'] "against / towards" -- 'eis' : the First Day of the week (Accusative) and the night-beginning of it after sunset?

    Since Sunday is being worshipped openly like never before so enthusiastically the Scriptures shall be corrupted to base such idolatry upon.