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Measuring quality in a DE class

Discussion in 'Baptist Colleges & Seminaries' started by UZThD, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. UZThD

    UZThD New Member

    Dec 24, 2004
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    We frequently discuss the virtue or lack of that in various schools, but we less often opine on what makes an individual class good or not so good regardless of the school.

    Seems to me that the question of what is a good class is foundational to the question of what is a good school.

    Given that each of these following are benchmarks of quality instruction ,

    a) how should each be measured ?

    b) Which are of most importance and which of least importance for a single course?

    c) What other issues are equally important?

    Since it may be difficult to discuss these apart from stating a particular class,' may we say that the class is an MDiv or MA level course in a single NT Book?


    How is each to be measured and how ranked in importance??

    1) Qualifications and abilities of prof to teach.

    What academic preparation, spiritual condition, and teaching skills are important to teach this class?

    2) Required materials.

    How should books, cassettes, or videos be determined to be appropriate for this class?

    3) Course requirements

    What are proper objectives for the class, and how are they determined to be so?

    4) Strategies of instruction.

    How is the student led to meet the objectives and to evidence that he/she has met them?

    5) Interaction between prof and student.

    How much interaction is required between the prof and the student, and what indicates that the interaction it is done well? How should evaluation be done?


    Unless we can intelligently addresss the question of what makes a class good, I'm not sure that we can say what makes a school good.

    Bill G.
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