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Mexico is Angry... Well, So Are We!

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by righteousdude2, May 20, 2010.

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    Oct 14, 2007
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    It seems to be a reoccurring theme with Obama... where ever he is, there is this growing spirit of "audacity" present.

    Obama's audacious spirit is lacking the spirit of patriotism. Wouldn't that be a be prerequisite for any one serving as the POTUS ??? When it comes to defending this country, its people and past, present and future policies, Obama seems to be groveling and offering apologies for, what he calls, American arrogance.

    Now we are faced with the visit of President Calderón from Mexico, and while standing besides Calderón, Obama allowed this man to blast the sovereignty of one of our states and their right to enforce current federal laws on illegal immigration. What is even more disgusting with Obama is that instead of supporting Arizona for taking a stand, he also criticized the state, telling Calderón, that his administration is looking into the legality of this law. While this man has the audacity to "bash" Arizona for simply adopting the laws of the federal government in regard to immigration problems, he - Obama - mirrors the same audacity of Calderón, in his words, and more importantly, in his silence.

    To rub salt in the face of Americans, Calderón was afforded the opportunity to bash Arizona not only in the Rose Garden, but, in a Joint Session of congress where the Democrats actually applauded Calderón.

    According to Obama and Calderón, this rogue state is setting up ALL Mexicans for racial profiling, and much worse, deportation.

    The nerve of Governor Brewer. Doesn't she know that Calderón and Mexico needs the money these illegal immigrants are sending back to their families in Mexico? If we deport these folks for crossing our border illegally, where will Mexico get approximately one billion dollars a year?

    The fact that Arizona is going to enforce a law already on the books in DC, could cause Mexico to have a financial crisis, or, even worse, they could have a total financial crash.

    Well, I think it's about time that someone in Washington tell Calderón that while we understand the anger that Mexicans are feeling toward America; that, Americans are "mad" too!
    In fact, Americans are fed up with the laws at the border being blatantly broken, as if they don't exist. The constant protest by illegal Mexicans, waving the flag of the country in the streets of our country, has grown tiresome, and, even worrisome.

    Well, Americans are tired of Mexicans who come here illegally, and live for years, upon years, than scream "bloody-murder" when they get caught and face deportation.
    • We're tired of Mexicans who have had more than enough time to apply for citizenship, but, never do.
    • We're tired of our society having to listen to messages on the other end of the phone that go through English and Spanish explanations before we even get to the point where we have another 10 messages to listen to before we can talk to a "live" person!
    • We're tired of having to see our taxes go up, and up, in order to pay for the education, health care, and welfare to help illegals maintain some kind of normal life, while they mail billions of dollars back to their home nation.
    • We're tired of reading about a Mexican illegal killing someone in an auto accident and running back to Mexico to be free from prosecution.
    • We're tired of the law that allows people from all over the world to come here, deliver their baby, and know that this newborn is now a viable American citizen.
    • We're tired of knowing that for the first two-hundred years (approximately) of this nations history, the majority of those who came to America did so the legal way, and they applied for naturalization, waited their turn, and swore their oath of allegiance to this country.
    • We're tired of our elected officials, who swore to uphold the laws of this nation, GIVING away citizenship under the guise of "amnesty!"
    • We're tired... just plain tired; frustrated; and disgusted. And, anywhere between 50 to 84 percent (see:http://www.thefoxnation.com/arizona...0/fox-poll-vast-majority-americans-support-az) of Americans are wanting... no, we are NOW demanding, that our elected officials get some backbone, and do what is right. We expect you people in DC to enforce the laws that are on the books.

    Sure it means that a lot of people will have to leave, and apply to come back and become Americans the way our forefathers did.

    Those who took the opportunity to come across that border knew it was against the laws, and it is time they face the full force of the laws of this country. For too long they have come here knowing that Americans will always "do the right thing!" And, the rumor was for Americans, the "right thing" was bending laws to make sure people weren't hurt.

    Illegals have come here knowing we are patsies, and it time we send the message that we have had enough, and the laws of this nation will be enforced to the full extent.


    America must get a back bone. We must stop being a doormat, that says, "welcome, walk on me!" At one time our motto was, "Don't Tread on Me!" We need to find a happy medium somewhere between these two motto's.

    Think of this... cross-over into North Korea, China, and Iran, to name a few, and if you are lucky enough to not be shot and killed by their border guards, you face a life time sentence in one of their prisons.

    But, like a majority of hard working, patriotic Americans, I'd like to see us regain control of the borders. If that means building 100 foot high wall, and assigning the National Guard to patrol these walls, than so-be-it !!!

    Let's just do something other than allow a few million people to come here year-after-year with NO CONSEQUENCES for their breaking our border and immigration laws.

    Calderón, standing next to the king of audacity, in the Rose Garden, and before a Joint Session of congress, shows that he has not only read Obama's book - the Hope of audacity - but, he knows how to apply and implement the principles of the book.

    When will America get back to enforcing the way immigration used to be. My great-grandparents, like yours, came here from Germany, and Italy, and they did not do it illegally. They went through the process of applying to be a naturalized American, and they ASSIMILATED into this society, while holding on to the pride of their birth nation. Still, in all my years of being being around both my dad and mom's family, I never once observed the flag of Germany or Italy flying in front of their homes, and I never heard them speak one bad word against this country.

    They were Americans, and proud of that fact. And, so am I !!!

    Mexico can be angry about the new law in Arizona all they want, but, they need to understand that true Americans are just as angry at their audacity and their continued run on the border.

    To applaud their President for " Arizona bashing" is not the American way. To apply to be a citizen, and do all the hard work involved in becoming legal and naturalized is what it means to be a true American.

    Let's cease giving citizenship away. To give amnesty to illegals, is the Cheapening of America !!!


    Pastor Paul :type:
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