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My heart is deeply troubled by the Spirit of our laws?

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by stanleyg, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. stanleyg

    stanleyg New Member

    Jul 15, 2006
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    My heart is deeply troubled concerning the Spirit of our Laws. Permit me to speak metaphorically, without respect to political correctness. It is vital for me to paint a lucid picture of the vision the Holy Spirit has shown to me.

    I think it is important that our body of Christ hear my full message before any rush to judgment. I beseech you to pray about what I am about to tell you. By our Christian faith in Christ, permit only the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts. Delay, for the moment, to click any link. It is imperative that you maintain your train of thought.

    Our United State Constitution is the foundation of America. The foundation, mortar and framework of any building determine its strength to withstand exterior forces that may come to tear down the structure to make it fall to the ground.

    Follow along with me. I am going to walk you step by step to prove to you the Holy Spirit that the architects or engineers (i.e. delegates of the Thirteen Colonies ) were being guided by at the time period when they met at the Philadelphia Convention to conceive the greatest humanitarian document ever inspired by God or composed by mankind, here today dubbed by its noble title as our United States Constitution and its sacred Bill of Rights.

    The architects or engineers had been blessed with the literary skills to read books. During their time period reading skills were rare and afforded only to the aristocrats (i.e. lawyers or statesman). Sunday School existed as the first form of public education during our early settlement of Puritans or Pilgrims et al.

    The Holy Bible was the predominant and/or only book that the Sunday School teachers had access to instruct their young students how to read. As we, know each delegate was articulate and artisan reading at the highest level.

    The book of Esther is a Sunday School lesson that instructs young students (i.e. Jew, Catholic or Christian) about how Haman gained favoritism with king Ahasuerus to harbor a demonic spirit to abuse the law for his ill will to commit genocide against the Jewish race.

    Moving backward in time, the delegates from Massachusetts, had witnessed the demonic horror of the Salem Witch Trials. The Holy Spirit had reminded them of the book of Esther. It terrified their spirit and, they withheld their vote to ratify the Constitution until the other delegates agreed to incorporate the Spirit of our Laws and the First Ten Amendments (i.e. Bill of Rights) into its framework.

    The architects or engineers were prudent that a time would come when the Devil would send other demonic spirits (i.e. false prophets, antichrists etc.) similar to Haman to tear down the foundation of the Constitution to make our framework collapse to the ground. Thus, they were compelled by their godly spirit to insert a clause to warrant against the likelihood of the latter event to occur.

    The architects installed Article III Section II Par 2 to provide explicit immunity to originate all cases against (i.e. ambassadors, consuls, public ministers) from territories (i.e. cities, states or nations) to originate in our Supreme Court to safeguard their open intercourse (i.e. freedom of speech) in the House of Representatives.

    Pay very close attention to the First Amendment that the architects or engineers drafted as the sunroof dome to cover the top of our building. It gives a clue of what was uttermost in their mind or governing their spirit.

    The engineers drafted the God given words on top of our building that pronounced to the world that America is a land of liberty and freedom against any form of religious persecution, for such is protected by the Spirit of our laws. The words have become as a sunroof dome top to cover our building where the sunlight (i.e. Holy Spirit of God) could shine through, yet shelter out the inclement weather (i.e. forces of evil), so that our nation would stand tall forever and never fall.
    France recognized the beauty of our architecture. Yet there was one more piece missing to complete its glory. They forwarded us the most spectacular gift that any nation could send to honor the cause of liberty.

    We have accepted France's noble gift of the Statue of Liberty. Her gift has become our welcome doormat. God's sacred words have been inscribed at her feet. These words invite the world to send us their suffering, so that we may offer them our refuge.

    Our architects or engineers laid out our sacred doormat and turned on our beacon of light to draw the world to America in the spirit of Christ.

    Now, a time has come, in our great nation, where our beacon of light no longer shines. The evil spirit of Haman found new birth in those, who oppose liberalism in favor of conservatism. They have colluded with our king to demean the Spirit of our laws to tease us, as Jacob did to Eseau, so that we may hunger for the sweetness of the law. Within its sweetness is the agent that deteriorates our mortar that holds our structure firm.

    So, I say to those, who still serve the Holy Spirit of our God, stay true to our faith in Christ. Don't allow these wicked souls lead you to follow their evil pathway. By their own words they have condemned themselves to the perdition of fire. Our God has sealed their fate, and He is the only one, who may show mercy upon their souls.
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  2. dispen4ever

    dispen4ever New Member

    Oct 10, 2006
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    You were doing pretty good until this line:

    You write exceptionally well. Except for that comma after 'those', just above, and the question mark in your title for this piece.

    All joking aside, you should be a writer. Or are you one already?

  3. Not_hard_to_find

    Site Supporter

    Jan 1, 2006
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    OK, since there are a great many linkies, I have to ask why link Jacob -- and not Esau? Ooops, make that Eseau.

    A lot of rambling, but surely in there you intended a point? Must have missed it.