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My Version of The Prodigal Son.

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by rodneyo777, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. rodneyo777

    rodneyo777 New Member

    Jun 14, 2015
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    One thing about God...He loves us and we are flawed...So what does He do? Reject us? Despise us? Leave us? Get angry at us? NOOOO....

    He loves us. If He were to leave and forsake us when we make a mistake, large or small, HE would have no bride left...All of us SIN...

    What does He want when we sin? RUN TO HIM, bury your face in His skirt. Do you know what he says to you? "I love you, go and sin no more. But if you do, I will still forgive you again and again" Would I ask you to forgive your brothers over and over, and neglect to do the same myself?

    We miss the point of the story, in Luke, where the son realizes that he would be fed and loved in his fathers house:

    The story goes like this (rod's paraphrase)... "I'm so hungry, I know what I should do I will go to my father, and I will say father I have sinned against you, and heaven"

    So off I go to my fathers house...But the weirdest thing happened, while I was still a long ways from the house, my father, he sees me, and as I get near and try to give Him all of my reasons for sinning, He just doesn't even hear my story...Its as if He is preoccupied with another desire...

    I guess He was, for to my shame now I realize how much He loves me. And this was all realized by me, when I hear Him yelling; "get some good food, find my son some shoes, and some new royal cloths...For he is home again, we must celebrate"...

    The bible says that when we are in heaven with Him, He will wipe the tears from our eyes...WHY will we be crying? Because of sin? NOOOOO. We will be crying because we see Him for who He really is, and because we see that during our whole lives we have misjudged and falsely accused God.

    We thought He was a monster, when in fact all He wanted to do was reveal Himself as a savior and friend..That's why the old testament seems harsh, and displays the law to us, and requires a penalty...So that God has someone to save...a reason to send Jesus to die...So that we might receive forgiveness, and be with HIM forever...

    You might say why did He have to do it that way? Why not just forget the law, and forgiveness, and just let me be with Him as I am?

    God is holy, its His right to make a requirement and good of Him to fulfill that same requirement for us, as a gift...