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Nabal and Abigail

Discussion in '2003 Archive' started by blackbird, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. blackbird

    blackbird Administrator

    Feb 21, 2002
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    Here is a nutshell Bible study I am conducting with my Wednesday Bible Study group at church--

    Nabal and Abigail
    1 Samuel 25

    Have you ever done something in your life that you would classify as a foolish thing? Some decision that you followed through on that when you got to the end of that decision you said, "How foolish was I to do what it was I just did!??"

    Let me ask you a question: Have you ever had someone come into your life and that someone literally kept you from doing something foolish? I believe all of us have, don't you!?

    I want us to meet two people in a chapter of David's life and think about the chapters of your life and see if you remember some folks like this couple.

    Notice Chapter 25 verse 1. Samuel the preacher had died and the people were laminting him! Eulogizing him, if you would. "What a great man of God!"--"We'll miss his preaching!" "We'll miss his advise!"

    Samuel was David's source of encouragement and advisement. And now he's gone!

    Notice the rest of the verse. There seems to be a "Wild Ride" to the wilderness for David. Notice that David "went down."--this was more than just a physical direction. Have you ever "gone down?" Been down?? Sure you have! Be careful about "going down"--folks, it just may cost you the reputation of becoming a fool!

    Now,enter Nabal and Abigail into David's life. Verses 2-3. Notice how God's word begins to describe Abigail's character first and then her husband, Nabal's! Its amazing how these two people got together in the first place. But what's more amazing is how they stayed together.

    Notice Abagail

    1) She was a woman of good understanding

    The phrase is from the Hebrew word, "Sekhel" and means intelligent, successful, good sense, prudence.

    I believe that Abagail had an IQ that went off the scale. I believe she was and remained level headed in a lop sided relationship.

    2) She had a beautiful countenance

    In other words, she was a "knock out" both inwardly and outwardly. A Homecoming Queen and Valdictorian all on one package!!!

    Now, notice her husband, Nabal

    1) He was churlish(KJV)

    The word Churlish means, "hard, severe, unfeeling, cruel, harsh, inflexable, stubborn, violent, vehement

    He was a gruff! A Grinch! He didn't mind raining on everybody's parade! And he didn't mind stealing your best Christmas!!

    2) He was evil in his doings

    Everything on the inside showed up on the outside.

    The phrase "evil in his doings" comes from the Hebrew, "RA'" and means
    -the inability to come up to good standards which will benefit
    -unethical, immoral activity against other people whether by speech, by practice, or by offering improper sacrifices.
    -having or depicting a negative attitude toward God or man.

    3) Was from the house of Caleb

    Remember Caleb's optimism and his outlook on life? Remember Caleb's positiveism?? Somehow the spiritual genes went haywire between Caleb and Nabal.

    Nabal should have known better!! I believe he did know better--but the problem was, he didn't care!!

    Lets read what transpires

    Start in verse 4 and read down to verse 9.

    David and his men were sorta like the "wilderness policemen" and had spent some time watching out for Nabal's sheep and shepherds--keeping them save in a not so safe wilderness environment! And now, David, according to the custom of the day, was asking Nabal for a payment from the field. "Give my servants and me what you're giving your servants."

    So David's servants go to Nabal and say, "David says he's asking that he and his servants be paid for keeping things safe around the not so safe place to be!"

    Notice Nabal's answer in verse 10!! I can almost hear that gruffle, gravely voice.

    "Who's David?"
    "Who is the son of Jesse?"

    Folks! Its not that he didn't KNOW who David was--rather, its that Nabal didn't "give a rip"--He didn't care! He didn't care if he was talking rough and being rough to the preacher or to the pauper---he didn't give a care! Do you know folks like that?? Are you like that??

    Nabal was returning evil for the good that David was showing. Nabal refuses to give David "not one crumb" from his table!!

    Now, that's a fool for ya!! But notice something more dangerous than that!! Here David begins to think with his head and not his heart.

    David tells his soldiers, "Its payback time, boys!" And David is on his way to doing something foolish. He's gonna repay evil with evil!!

    More dangerous to the testamony of the Living God is a believer who is running toward doing foolish folly! A believer out of the will of Almighty God is a pawn in the palm of the devil and counted as a foolish man in Israel!

    OOOOOOHH, but halelujah!! Look who interceeds! Its Abagail, the Homecoming Queen! Abagail the Intellect! She throws herself down at David's feet and begs for amnesty for her husband. "Don't do it! Don't kill him! Lay it to my charge, my Lord!"

    Have you ever stopped someone from doing something dumb? Something foolish?

    Has Abigail ever stopped you!?

    I tell ya! There needs to be a few Abagails who will involve themselves and interceed and keep folks like me from doing something silly! Dumb! Foolish!!

    Notice at the first of the chapter--Samuel the Preacher dies and Israel laments! They cry the loss of the preacher!!

    Now, at the last of the chapter--Nabal dies! The protractor dies! The propagator of evil dies! And nobody cares! David throws a feast and probably in the funeral parlor he arranges a date and later on marries Abagail, the Intellect!

    When I diiiiiiiiie! Will they lament the preacher?? Or will I give up the Nabal spirit and nobody care?? I pray, let them care!!
  2. KenH

    KenH Active Member

    May 18, 2002
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    Poor Nabal. It is so sad for him to have lived the kind of life he did. :(