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Outline of Prophetic Events

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by Mel Miller, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Mel Miller

    Mel Miller New Member

    Dec 2, 2005
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    A. PRE-Endtime Events
    I. Seal #1
    .....1. Spread of Democracy; Creation of Babylon the Great
    .....2. Babylon the Great rules earth first half of final Seven
    .....3. Covenant of Dan.9:27
    .....4. War of Ezekiel 38-39.

    B. Endtime Events
    I. Seal #2 – Midweek of Daniel’s 70th Seven
    .....1. Peace taken from earth – Rev.6:4
    .....2. War in Heaven - Satan cast to earth – Rev.12:7-9,12-17
    .....3. Ten Kings destroy Babylon – Rev.17:16; Rev.18:8
    .....4. AC defiles Temple; rules 42 months – Dan.12:11; Matt.24:15; Rev.13
    .....5. Two Prophets’ 1260-Day task coincides with Great Tribulation.
    II. Seals #3 to #4; Trumpets #1 to #4.

    III. Seal #5 – Martyrs’ Prayer; Short time remains
    IV. Trumpet #5 with 5 months of torment - Rev.9:1-12
    V. Plagues #1 to #5
    VI. Trumpet #6 – Armies from East kill third of Mankind
    VII. Plague #6 – Armies invade Israel – Rev.16:12-16
    VIII. Beast kills Two Prophets – Rev.11:7

    C. Lastday Events
    I. Plague #7 – “It is Done” – Rev.16:17 - Suspends in the air.
    II. Seal #6 – Day of Wrath "has come" – Matt.24:29-30; Rev.6:12-17
    III. Firstfruit, 144,000, sealed and rescued – Rev.7:1-8; Rev.14:1-5
    IV. Hour of Judgment and Reaping "has Come" – Rev.14:6-20
    V. Great and Wonderful Sign – Victory Songs of Rev.15:1-4
    VI. Two Witnesses arise; ascend to heaven – Rev.11:11-12
    VII. Great quake kills 7000 in Jerusalem – Rev.11:13-14
    VIII. Multitudes praise God & Lamb in Temple – Rev.15:5; Rev.7:9-17
    IX. Seal #7 – Court of Judgment – Dan.7:9-22; Rev.8:1-5; Rev.16:18-21
    X. Trumpet #7 – Coronation of Christ – “God’s Wrath has come”
    “The appointed time to:
    .....1. Judge the dead
    .....2. Reward the saints
    .....3. Reward the prophets
    .....4. Reward the small and great ... all who fear God
    .....5. Destroy the destroyers of earth" – Rev.11:18.
    XI. Rejoicing in heaven – Rev.18:20 to Rev.19:10 - "Wedding has come"
    XII. Christ descends; Resurrects saints; Destroys wicked – Rev.19:11-21.
    .......1. Jesus "brings the souls in heaven with Him" - I Thess.4:13-14
    .....2. Jesus "gathers elect from earth to heaven" – Mark 13:27
    .....3. Jesus "sends angels to gather elect from the heavens" – Matt.24:31
    .....4. "All the Saints come with Jesus" - I Thess.3:13; Rev.17:14.
    Mel Miller www.lastday.net
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