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Pilgrims & Strangers

Discussion in 'Prayer Requests & Praise' started by Yankee candle, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Yankee candle

    Yankee candle New Member

    Apr 11, 2008
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    Pilgrims & Strangers

    As I wandered through this wicked world
    And pondered life as it unfurled
    As my eyes beheld the works of men
    I wondered much, 'has it always been'?

    That turmoil, strife, and glory vain
    had always been a curse & bane?
    In troubles many and conflicts much
    I wondered 'was it always such'?

    From a tender age 'til years mature
    consdering all but never sure
    Of why men struggle, war & fight
    and lie, and cheat, and neighbors slight

    Til one day there came a stranger
    And told me of my soul's great danger
    And that from above came One celestial
    To save me from this world terrestrial


    Of Him he spoke of His great Love
    And how he watched me from above
    How he took my evils and my sins
    my polluted heart where it all begins

    Soon his words were like a song
    I felt surrounded by a throng
    A sweet voice spoke and wooed me so
    and made me wish to be made whole

    I felt the tears come to my eyes
    Soon my heart was full of sighs
    I saw the horror of my soul
    and my foolish, worldly goal

    I knelt before this stranger there
    And offered up a sinners prayer
    And made my peace with my Creator
    I dared not put it off 'til later


    My heart seemed now so full of light
    and He gave me there the Spirits sight
    Now I knew of Adam's fall
    This world's curse and problems all

    That Jesus came to seek and save
    Sinners lost whose peace doth crave
    By His blood which shed was crimson
    To those humble tis greatly winsome

    Now He set me on that path
    Which truly every pilgrim hath
    He armed me with a sword & shield
    And commanded me to never yield

    To Satan's threats and howling roar
    Or when your soul he tempts quite sore
    At times your heart will stongly lure
    Then rely upon the word quite pure


    Along the way spread precious seed
    made fit for those in greatest need
    In fields-a-many spread not a few
    When kingdom comes I'll take what's due

    To those whom of thee speak some evil
    And vex your soul like some dark weevil
    Their sin you hate and lusts and lies
    but not their souls, them not despise

    When doubts arise and bring confusion
    and your mind seems wrought by some contusion
    Then seek my face and never waiver
    time will bring what thy soul doth savor

    These things spoke my Lord to me
    And soon it was so plain to see
    That all He said was very true
    Though they who believe are very few


    But now I know of this worlds trouble
    And why men's rage doth boil and bubble
    Of what my course is now in life
    And how to face all toil and strife.

    To honor God is the pilgrims light
    To do what's right in Jesus sight
    This earthly path we suffer may
    but cometh a grand and glorious day

    And in that day we hear those words
    Sweeter than a thousand earthly birds
    'Cause you've been true & ever fervent
    Welcome home, my faithful servant!'

  2. Yankee candle

    Yankee candle New Member

    Apr 11, 2008
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    The Secret Chamber


    Come hither to this seat of mine
    & Ill tell thee of a tale so fine
    So listen as we sit and dine
    For my heart doth move and sing

    One eve I lay asleep it seems
    Under heavens moonlight beams,
    I had some visions or some dreams,
    Of the secret chamber of the King

    Through the misty dark of night
    Drawn from darkness into light
    Through silver arches of great height
    To the secret chamber of the King

    Cross lowered drawbridge over a moat
    Riding some mysterious boat
    Through mirrored hallway did I float
    To the secret chamber of the King

    Passed knights in armour on floors that shine
    & bright colored banners with many a sign
    Embroidered carpets of fine twine,
    To the secret chambers of the King


    Why I’m brought here I cannot tell
    I’m summoned near by some sweet bell
    For all I have would I now sell
    For the secret chamber of the King

    You must wonder what I say
    & why I’d give it all away
    To be with Him each & every day
    In the secret chamber of the King

    Memory tells of that first time
    Of spices sweet, licorice & lime
    A table full of meat cut prime
    Of milk & honey, parsley & thyme
    In the secret chamber of the King

    I stepped within & saw servants there
    In gorgeous robes and flowing hair
    Delightful was this sight to stare
    It was all so quite completely fair
    In the secret chamber of the King

    With smiles & singing they did now toil
    For Him for Whom they’re always loyal
    Never their garments do they soil
    Never their lamps are without oil
    In the secret chamber of the King


    At midnight hour the bell did ring
    Much louder now these servants sing
    And down some lovely steps did bring
    From mist of heaven did He spring
    To the secret chamber of the King

    And dressed in blue & gold design
    He poured forth liquid from the vine
    He offered me a seat to dine
    In velvet chairs so very fine
    In this secret chamber of the King

    With eyes that sparkled like the stars
    And words that break the strongest bars
    And the heart of man which sin so mars
    He took away my pain & scars
    In the secret chamber of the King

    Each word of His it fit some rhyme
    It washed away my sin & crime
    And with it all my filth and grime
    For this my soul not worth a dime
    In the secret chamber of the King

    Through tear stained cheeks I asked Him there
    This place we sit, please tell me where?
    To be here ever I’d pay any fare
    And risk my life I’d even dare!
    For the secret chamber of the King


    And with smile sweet did He announce
    Drink all my cup, leave not an ounce,
    Hear all my words as I pronounce
    We’re in your heart, that’s what amounts
    To the secret chamber of the King
  3. Yankee candle

    Yankee candle New Member

    Apr 11, 2008
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    The White Feather

    The White Feather


    Once upon a morning pretty
    And by a lake not near the city
    Two friends walked & there they talked
    In the misty dew afore rooster cocked

    A time before buds come forth on trees
    In early spring with still cool breeze
    She spoke of him & he of her
    Of feelings right, & good & pure

    Not so often and really quite rarely
    Could one ever feel such things so fairly
    Moments become minutes & minutes, hours
    Amidst the birds, & butterflies, & flowers

    As they spoke of times, & tunes & things
    A dove flew over flapping her wings
    As if in slow motion above she hovered
    They in a breathless moment she covered

    With mouths open and full of wonder
    They watched this dove they were under
    Then from her wing she dropped a fine feather
    Before they could think they caught it together

    The two who had not yet shared a kiss
    Nor what it’s like to share such bliss
    Held in their hands a precious symbol
    And heaven sounded a tinkling cymbal


    And on that day they made a promise
    That ‘neither time nor fate nor what it costs us
    Nor occasion of perhaps great loss
    Or even oceans we must cross

    Will ever from us this moment keep
    For better is this than any dream of sleep’
    And so they made haste their promise to seal
    The feather to send to remind & appeal

    The fledgling lovers knew not was to come
    For life’s twists and turns exacted its sum
    That parted them for what lasted long years
    And the memories they shared became only tears

    Good things & bad things they saw in their seasons
    But wondered of that time & its reasons
    She cried thinking of what could have been
    Likewise he thought, but remembered no sin

    On many a stormy day come dreary
    When her heart ached & her soul quite weary
    She brought out that feather and upon it gazed
    Remembering that moment & she it amazed


    She knew of no place where to find him
    Empty hope made her heart feel quite grim
    He dreamed of her some & sometimes often
    The look on her face made his heart soften

    Home he went after many a year
    And saw the place of the one he held dear
    Long gone was she whom he once knew
    And the white dove that above them once flew

    But once upon this morning pretty
    And by a lake not near the city
    A stranger approached & to him speaks
    Of a time long past & what she seeks

    And in her hand a pure white feather
    Nicely placed on velvet & leather
    And she spoke to him of whom she lost
    To find him her strength would she exhaust

    With tears a plenty & her vision a blur
    She begged the old man, ‘Please tell me, sir’
    She asked if he knew of the one she had lost
    If he could help her she’d pay any cost


    He smiled then there when he saw her tears
    Knowing she searched for him all these years
    He took the feather & rubbed her cheek
    And told her, ‘I’ am he, the one whom you seek’