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Prayer and *what things* don't mix?

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by Alcott, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Alcott

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    Dec 17, 2002
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    Last night was a mixture of prayer in Jesus' name at a public assembly on public property based on publicly-supported accomplishments of publicly-paid servants. It was the Oil Bowl, the annual football game of graduated seniors from Texas high schools against graduated seniors from Oklahoma high schools. It is sponsored by the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, and the proceeds from ticket and program sales go to Muskat Shriners hospitals for crippled children.

    So this is quite a combination. A game based (almost entirely) on public schools with publicly-paid coaches, prayer in Jesus' name, a Masonic-related organization, and a corporate conglomeration tied in with environmental disaster and greedy self-interest.

    Who is to say what "mixes" and what doesn't? Is the prayer allowed because the players are now out or public school, even though the coaches are still on the public payroll? Is it allowed because the whole setup is voluntary-- as if all footrball games aren't? There were also cheerleaders from some local (public) high schools there. And what about mixing the Shriners in with a publicly-supported event? In the views of many, that would be a form paganism arranged by public officials. The only benefits to the players involved would be having their abilities recognized-- and that's very little, since almost all of them had already been signed on to college scholarshiops-- and having a 'good time' during the week of practice, visiting some of those children in hospitals, and meeting new friends and having some of the kinds of "fun" 18-year-olds have away from home.

    Okay-- views on all this. Should there be prayer at such an event, or not? If the players or coaches do not believe in Jesus, should they have to 'pay that price' of listening to a prayer they don't believe? Should the Shriners be involved? Are corporate interests exploiting sports, religion, and charity?

    BTW, the Okies lost, 31-16.