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Pres. Obama: My plan=your electric bill skyhigh

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by shodan, May 4, 2009.

  1. shodan

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    Mar 19, 2005
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    OBAMA: electric bills to sky rocket.

    WHY? Because he does not have a clue that the MAN-MADE global warming is a fraud.

    Here is an excellent video on the Global Warming Swindle


    Obama's agenda is now in the HOUSE, i.e. the 'cap and trade' legislation.
    YOUR Congressman needs to know that YOU know the facts and do not want your electric bill raised for no good reason.

    Here is what Dr. John Cristy, one of the lead author's of the IPCC report, said in a debate this Feb.

    Dr. John R. Christy, Professor of Atmospheric Science and Director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama: [comments from debate on 11 Feb., 2009]:

    --Our ignorance about the climate system is enormous, and policy makers need to know that. This is an extremely complex system, and thinking we can control it is hubris. [THIS is the most important fact of the whole issue.]

    --IPCC appeal is argument from authority; look at the data, not the models or theory; I was a lead author, can assure it was political selection process, and more so because you can only be on it if you have certain views. Conclusions are predetermined.--The greatest climate change for the world is not physical change but impact on economy from climate change policies.

    --Hansen’s 1988 hypothesis of future CO2 and temperature was badly wrong. Another test: climate models uniformly say greenhouse signal will be warming in tropical troposphere; but empirical observations show hypothesis false

    --Greenhouse response of clouds: dominant greenhouse effect is water vapor and clouds; CO2 is small by comparison. Models say water vapor is positive feedback on surface warming by CO2; empirical data show, per Spencer, that though over 1000 climate model runs predict positive feedback, the reality is that they are negative.

    --Models predicted Sierra Nevada models would warm more than surrounding areas of California; actual data show opposite, indeed no warming in the mountains. Why is the valley warming so much? Because of agriculture. Irrigation changed the temperature. So if you want to return the climate to what it was, depopulate and de-irrigate.

    --Don’t demonize energy: without it, life is brutal and short. For Kenyans, forest is energy, backs of women are transmission system, burning in huts is use, costing 1.3 to 5.2 million child deaths per year. African parents love their children as much as we love ours.

    WHAT is the issue? IT is 'Cap and Trade' the agenda of the Obama administration that has been introduced in the House