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President's News Conference 7-15-08

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by eightball, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. eightball

    eightball New Member

    Jun 11, 2007
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    This morning at GWB's news conference, the President hit the nail on it's head squarely!

    He said our environmental policies towards development of our oil reserves both off-shore and on land our antequated. He went on further to say that our technologies to protect the environment and extract oil at present are not being recognized as they should be.

    He also brought up that the last refinery built in our country was in the 1970's, and a major part of the "Why?" that we aren't building more refineries is all the legal blocking done via groups opposed. I'll leave to you folks to ferret-out who those groups are.

    During GWB's speech, crude dropped $9.00/barrel. Tells you something about what is driving the market doesn't it?

    Also, the President brought up our vast oil shale reserves in the West need to be developed "pronto".

    As I understand, oil shales have a rough break-even point of $80.00/barrel, and as you and I know, current crude prices are nearly double that. If anything is hindering this area of energy resource development......I'd chance a guess, that the Sierra Club, Earth First, Green Peace, and the myriad of sub-organizations that are string-attached to these big environmental organizations are throwing money into legal blockades in this area of energy development too.

    I know that the opposing groups and liberal areas of the media are really having a "hay-day" with GWB's more easy-going verbal ways lately. He was accused of being so undiplomatic at the last world summit on the environment, where he would not endorce global warming policies. In fact, he pun'd by inferring that the U.S. is the "bad" guy as usual with you folks. I like this new GWB style. Wish it came out earlier in his presidency.

    If you observed/listened to both the audio and video of his morning's press conference, GWB was very relaxed, and really shot from the hip. Call him a lame duck, but I see a renewed vigor in him that really isn't letting the press and his antagonists get to him.

    He gave real sound, objective reasons, and answers to our economic, and the global energy situation.
    Barak O., of course followed-up with his charismatic oratory at the Woodrow Wilson Institute........and of course made GWB's style of address seem very rough edged in comparison. Let's face it, GWB isn't a smooth speaker........Actually, neither was Truman, Nixon, or Eisenhower, nor many good presidents. Substance is more than smooth, charismatic oratory in my book.

    Barak's basic premise of course countered everything that GWB commented on in his N. Conference. Instead of sending military aid to Pakistant to help support the present regime, we need to double the monetary support, but not militarily, but in humanitarian aid. We all know where humanitarian aid ends up don't we?

    The idea of "food" not "bullets" is noble in word and philosophy, but in objective reality, folks want to defend themselves and rid their country of bad elements, and want the means to counter terrorist insurgencies, and must be stronger counter insurgents.

    I can see Barak's idea of making Afganistan the major player country in the war against terror/Al Queda, yet his "cut and run" agenda for Iraq is very simple minded, disregarding the positive strengthening infrastructure of this new Iraq that is developing a viable military force/army under the U.S.'s training expertise. Daily, a much greater percentage of Iraq's military is supplanting U.S. military work.

    Conflict in Iraq is at a 4 year low, excluding the sporadic terrorist actions that the media exploit to the hilt to give a psychological edge to the notion that things are not better. Reports out of Iraq of major terrorist actions are very infrequent compared to a year ago, and both sides of this issue know that is the truth. Never the less, when we are indeed on the verge of finishing the job in Iraq and leaving knowing we have established a moderate Middle Eastern country that is a strategic buffer between Iran and Israel.........Barak O. wants to leave before the process is completed. This would indeed be a travesty, as numerous American son's and daughter's will have died or given so much in vain.

    If the media would not ignore the actual reports from G.I.'s that see a different and positive happening in Iraq, because of their dedicated work their on our behalf, the American populous wouldn't be on such a frenzy to get out.

    Yes, the media is a second/third/fourth wing of government, and it isn't unbiased, but is heavily weighted in the liberal realm of subjective opinion, and editorializing.

    Talk Radio is probably the last bastion of conservative comment or even balanced politics..........Lou Dobbs, an avowed Independent, sounds like a radical conservative compared to current media bent.

    When the Independent Lou Dobb's of the world are telling environmentalists and folks that think higher gas prices are good thing, to "Stick in their xxxx", you know that things have gotten off balance in our country. Moderates are becoming the enemy of liberals.

    I'd say that it's "Xanax" time for all you Sierra Clubbers...........At least I hope so. Start making your future appointments with your local shrinks.