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Racism? No, culturism

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by billwald, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. billwald

    billwald New Member

    Jun 28, 2000
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    Someone please explain why Americans hate African-Americans but but recent immigrants from North Africa, Korea, China, Muslim nations . . . ?

    Also please explain how we can discriminate against minority people who visually appear to be WASPS?

    After 1964, the educated black people joined the American main stream and the black trash melded with the white trash. Our new minority class can be more easily identified by speech and dress than skin color.

    The Everett (WA) City Council has just redefined "minority" as African-American, Hispanic, Pacific Islanders, and "Native" Americans. Thus all you Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Seikh, Moslem, black Africans . . . welcome to the majority white race.
  2. windcatcher

    windcatcher New Member

    Apr 28, 2007
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    I started to ignore this ..... but..... there's lessons here.... and corrections...... and mis-information which may be accepted by some if left to stand w/o address.... So here goes, without intention of offending the Poster or the OP:

    This is a 'generalization' of opinion: It's a 'global' statement which doesn't discriminate between 'some' people and 'all' people. First, 'Americans' include those of all races, colours, and creeds. Second, it assumes that 'all' Americans 'hate', without excepting that 'some' or 'most' do not. Thirdly, it is an expression of the poster which presents no facts to back it up, therefore relegates it to his opinion and his perception of his observation: Now, I'm sure, if he chooses, he could find sufficient supporting argument to support his point, however, he would also have to overlook or ignore that there is also evidence to the contrary that this is not a 'universal' occurrance.

    I suppose this is a racial term? I could google and find out specifically its meaning... and I'm sure I've come accross the meaning before... but it presently slips my mind ......... and I'm not interested in bringing to my remembrance a term which I would not find beneficial to include in my vocabularly of usage....

    As for 'minority' ...... look around and almost everyone you see belongs to a 'minority'. To be a 'majority' means belonging to 51% or more of the population. Men are a minority relative to the total population: Women are a minority related to the total population: Children, divided by sex, are a minority related to the total population: The poor are a minority in our country, as related to the total population: The rich are a minority as related to the total population. Those with graduate degrees are a minority related to the rest. You may be able to assemble a large group of people representative of the skin color mix of the American population...... but, even if a 'majority' appeared to be 'white' skinned.... each has their own heritage which in many cases would include mixed nationalities and an increase in likelihood that a mix of race was also present.

    Is this the poster's opinion.... or is it from an article he's read? 'Education' has always seemed to be a privilege of 'class'. Yet, throughout history, there has been evidence of many 'unprivileged' or 'minority' which had great intellect and managed to develope their 'learning' and their skills in passing on to others the blessings of their knowledge and invention: I'm thinking of Pocohotas, an Indian princess who went to England, met dignitaries, translated language and transferred and absorbed culture: I'm thinking of George Washington Carver, inventor: I'm thinking of Douglass, an unofficial black representative of his race and humanity, who made effective arguments to President Lincoln and pricked his consciouness with the inhumanity and injustice of slavery in a 'free' nation.

    Any minority is identified by those characteristics which separate it from the majority: Some characteristics are more observable and evident. Most all observation is based upon the 'carnal' the 'worldly' , what is evident to the 'flesh'. It is our Christian duty in following the steps of our Savior, Jesus Christ, to recognize that there are distinctions and worldly- 'appropriately' politically correct 'acceptible behavior' regarding society ...... and to distinguish ourselves by both understanding.... as Jesus with the Samaritan woman.... and our refusal to behave in the acceptible custom of the world which would make a difference.... and more like Jesus in showing the love, salvation, and acceptance of God.

    I'm guessing that this is the real point of your post..... and that it may anger you.... and perhaps justly so. I'm reminded, everytime I answer the census, that it appears the government, in attempting to identify 'race', is in itself a real divider. I'm not sure to what advantage it serves the races or the goverrnment for these questions. It seems it would serve more to remind us of our differences and divide us into suspecting..... suspicioning, if you will allow thise phrase, that there is a distinct 'difference' which is more profound and of man's making than a unique recognition and celebration of the characteristics and origins we might attribute to the design and will of God.
  3. dragonfly

    dragonfly New Member

    Mar 4, 2008
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    WASP = White Anglo-Saxon Protestant