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Rmember Thanksgiving with Your Children

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by AVBunyan, Nov 23, 2006.

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    Aug 20, 2004
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    Teach Your Children the Thanksgiving Story

    Thanksgiving Story

    Every year before we sit down to partake of God’s goodness I give s short talk in the form of questions to my family to remind them of our Christian heritage. The following questions were based upon William Bradford’s “History of Plymouth Plantation”. I provided the answers here in case the some have not studied the Pilgrims much. Remember, these questions are simple but I was instructing my children. If you are looking for something to read to your children today to remind them of our Christian heritage, you are welcome to use this simple lesson. I trust they will be a blessing to you.

    I. The Beginnings

    What were they called?
    Ans. Pilgrims

    Where did they first start to meet?
    Ans. Scrooby Manor in England

    Who owned the mansion?
    Ans.William Brewster

    Who was king at the time?
    Ans. King James I

    What did the Pilgrims want?
    Ans. The right to worship their God according to how they believed the scriptures taught.

    Who was their preacher?
    Ans. Pastor John Robinson

    II. Stay in Holland

    Where did they travel to get away from England?
    Ans. Holland

    How were they received in Holland and why?
    Ans. Well, for the Hollanders desired them as workers and companions because their Christianity made them good citizens.

    What were the factors in causing them to need to leave? There were several:
    Ans. Loosing children to the world – Yes, as close as they guarded their children the world still had its affect. They were willing to go to another new and dangerous continent for the sake of the children’s welfare!
    Ans. The Pilgrims were growing old quickly – the land and labour were wearing them out. They were used to farming.
    Ans. Spain lurking around the corner – Holland’s treaty with Spain was due to expire leaving the country exposed to Rome. And we all know how Rome treats the saints.
    Ans. Wanted to bring the gospel to the New World. Yes, one of the main reasons for leaving was to take the gospel further for they felt they had done all they could do in Holland.

    Where was the first destination to be and what was their concern with this choice?
    Ans. The Virginia Colony but they were concerned of moving into an Anglican form of government and worship.

    III. The Voyage

    What was their dangerous moment?
    Ans. The main beam of the ship broke.

    How did God deliver them?
    Ans. God had them providentially bring a printer press (it was to be used for printing Bibles and other good materials.) and they used the printing screw to support the busted beam!

    IV. The Landing

    Where did they land and what year?
    Ans. In New England in the year 1620.

    What document did they write at their landing?
    Ans. The Mayflower Compact

    Why did they have to come up with such a document? (I read it)
    Ans. Since they were blown off course to the New England area they needed some order and form of government. Hence the first document on self-government. Also, they expressed their intent for coming over which was to “spread ye gospel of Jesus Christ”!

    How did God prepare the land for them?
    Ans. Dangerous Indians originally inhabited the place where they landed but a plague “accidentally” (providentially) went through earlier and wiped them out.

    V. Their Settlement

    What was their first winter like?
    Ans. Miserable, cold, hunger, disease, and death of one half their company but their Christian “faith sustained them.”

    How did the Pilgrims treat the Indians?
    Ans. Kindly, fairly, and justly – they wrote up a pact.

    Who did God use to teach the Pilgrims about survival?
    Ans. An English-speaking Indian (providential!!!) taught them how to use fish for planting corn.

    What was the occasion for the first Thanksgiving?
    Ans. Their first crop was dying due to heat and lack of rain. They declared a day of humiliation because of their sins – God sent a gentle rain (first in 2 months) and the crops were saved! Because of that they decided to have a day of Thanksgiving.

    There was much more of course and I wanted to provide quotes describing their rich, Christian faith but time will not allow.

    I trust the above was a blessing. They were very special people. Oh, if I had their faith and steadfastness!

    May God bless :wavey:
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