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Secret of Daniel's 70 Sevens

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by Mel Miller, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. Mel Miller

    Mel Miller New Member

    Dec 2, 2005
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    12/23/05 - Secret of 70 Contiguous Sets of Seven

    Question: Is there any date other than BC 445 for the Decree to Rebuild the walls of Jerusalem?

    Whatever number of years that separate BC 445 and the year you choose for the start of the decree to build Jerusalem's wall UNTIL Christ was “cut off”, the difference between the two will affect the dates for Christ’s birth and death. His 33½ years of life would not fit between BC 2 and AD 32.

    Nisan must be the month and the 9th to 14th (and
    even to the 30th) must be the “time” that ends the “countdown” of the 69 sets of seven in Dan.9:25-26a. For Palm Sunday to Good Friday is when Zech.9:9; Lev.23:5 and Dan.9:26a were fulfilled to the exact “Day (haymera; Luke 19:42) and Time” (kairon; Luke 19:44)!

    However, what I finally realize now is that the 69th set of seven did not actually cease with Palm Sunday, Nisan 9; and that the SOLAR days of the 70th Seven will not end with day #1260 of Daniel’s 1290 days!! Bear with me as I show how,
    yesterday, I understand the “formula” applies to the 70th set of seven as well as the first 69.

    The date of Nisan 30 must be the beginning and ending date during which 69 sets of prophetic sevens (173,880 days) were fulfilled within 68 seven-year solar periods totaling 476 years or 173,859 days (68x7=476x365.25). The 21 days did
    not cut short the fulfillment of 69 sets of seven; but only the countdown to Passover Day.

    The number 68 is the only way to get a whole number of 24-hour continuous days. The 173,859 days of 68 sets of 2556.75 days produces all
    but 21 days of 24 hours for the 69th Seven of 2520 days (69x7x360 or 69x2520). Each of the above days in Lev., Zech. Dan. and Luke, as well as the Anniversary of the Decree itself, were fulfilled exactly 69 times on the same day of the month of Nisan using 2520-day countdowns.

    The "formula" applies to each scriptural day (the 2nd Sunday for Palm Sunday and the Day of Preparation, Friday, Nisan 14) just once every 2520 days overlaid on a calendar of 476 years and totaling 173,859 contiguous solar days;
    except that Passover was 5 days "after THIS day"
    (Palm Sunday) of Luke 21:42 and Palm Sunday was 21 days short of the prophetic-countdown "time" of Luke 19:44 that included the 69th anniversary of the decree since Nisan 30 in BC 445.

    Robert Thomas and Stanley Gundry on P.320 of "A
    Harmony of the Gospels" state that Friday was always recognized as the Day of Preparation. Pub
    in 1978, Moody Press; HarperSanFrancisco.

    The countdown had to start with the month following Nisan 30 so that the 12th month was always Nisan and the 84th month of each “seven” was always Nisan. That could only happen with a
    2520-day countdown overlaid on contiguous sets of 2556.75 days (7x365.25; each set of seven).

    If Christ was born in the fall of BC 2 (which began with BC 3 on a Julian calendar) and if He was 1½ years as of the spring of BC 1 on both a Julian and Hebrew calendar, He was 33½ in the spring of AD 32. Any given day [whether Palm Sunday on the 9th or Passover on the 14th or the last day of each set of 2520 days, they occurred
    just 69 times during 173,880 days overlaid on 476 solar years from BC 445 to AD 32 ... with
    the final 21 days as part of the prophetic

    No set of dates other than BC 445 to AD 32 lets the “formula” for all 70 sets of seven and for the "day and time” to have been fulfilled during Passion Week and yet include Nisan 30 as the final day of 173,880 days!

    There is no other way to understand the secret of 70 sets of seven. Yesterday, after years of trying to relate the 69 sets to the final 70th set in a manner that brings it all together, I saw a simpler, quicker formula to the relation.

    I had only realized that 476x5.25 extra days each year provided a 69th set of seven, except for 21 days. Now I see how it also relates the two halves of the 70th to each other and to the other 69 sets of 2520 days as well. Just as the 7x5.25 (36.75) x 68 days produced 2499 days for the 69th Seven (forcing the subtraction of 21 days), so the same 36.75 days must be subtracted from 2556.75 (7x5.25) to complete 2520 days for the 70th Seven. I knew but could not show how all 70 sets link to the same basic “formula”.

    Why is this so important to the secret of the 70 Sevens?

    The final period of Daniel's 1290 days is not
    "cut short" by 30 days as I had thought; just as each of the 69 sevens of 2520 days was not cut short nor was the 69th anniversary of the decree on a 5th Sunday since BC 445. Only once every 7 years did the Anniversary fall on Sunday, Nisan 30. . . just as Passover was on Friday, the "Day of Preparation", every 7 years of a prophetic countdown!

    Actually, none of the days of 69 prophetic 7's
    were cut off. Messiah was "cut off" within the parameters of the 69th set of seven. . . just
    five days "after" He was presented as King to
    fulfill Zech.9:9 and Dan.9:26a which uses the word "after that" (Palm Sunday) for His death.

    The 70th prophetic seven will also not be cut short. Only its "days of suffering will be cut short" on one of the 3½ days immediately after the killing of the Two Witnesses. Each of the
    70 sets is limited to 2520 days. They are all overlaid upon sets of 2556.75 contiguous days. Only the limit of 2499 days for the 69th seven determined the day Christ fulfilled Zech.9:9.

    A final 70th prophetic set will be overlaid on contiguous solar days also as the formula drops the final 6.75 days from the second "half" of a countdown of 1296.75 days to reach 1290 days and with 45 days to go until Hanukkah (2556.75-1260-6.75=1290).

    Friends, I must stick with the math because, IMO, it is a vital part of knowing in advance when to expect the END OF THE AGE. Jesus said we will know when "the end is near". Matt.24:33. It
    is the EXACT Lastday (one of 3½; Rev.11:11) that can’t be known in advance!

    The basic countdown for each Seven overlays the prophetic time of 2520 days upon continuous solar days of 7x365.25=2556.75 days less 36.75.

    My old formula was 476x5.25=2499 to provide for the 69th set.

    The new formula connects all 70 sets of seven: 2556.75-36.75 = 2520 days for each set of Seven after subtracting 7x5.25 = 36.75.

    Mel Miller, member of the First Baptist Church of Norfolk, VA.
  2. Grasshopper

    Grasshopper Active Member
    Site Supporter

    Apr 19, 2002
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    And we must stick with scripture when determining the “end of the age”.

    Hebrews 9: 26 else must he often have suffered since the foundation of the world: but now once at the end of the ages hath he been manifested to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.

    I Peter 1:20 who was foreknown indeed before the foundation of the world, but was manifested at the end of times for your sake,

    I Cor. 10: 11 Now these things happened unto them by way of example; and they were written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages are come.
  3. Mel Miller

    Mel Miller New Member

    Dec 2, 2005
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    Hi Grasshopper,

    I think it important to recognize that this age
    is not yet complete since Jesus promised to be
    with us to the "end of the age". Matt.28:20.

    At that time He will "send forth the angels to
    collect the tares" which He "first" separates
    from the wheat according to Matt.13:30,39-40,
    49. The "gathering" affects the wheat after
    the gathering and collecting affects the tares.

    Jesus reaps the tares of earth in Rev.14:15-16 and the angels "collect" what He reaps in vs.19 before He "gathers the Elect from earth to heaven" in Mark 13:27 and also before He sends the angels to "gather these elect out of the 4
    winds from all extremities of the heavens."

    So the gathering of the elect by Jesus from earth in Mark 13:27 actually precedes that of the angels in Matt.24:31 by enough time for the tribes of earth to begin to mourn according to Matt.24:30!!!

    So, IMO, we must agree the "End of the Age"
    includes Christ's second coming to gather
    the elect from the earth. This is why Peter and Revelation speak over and over of His coming as being "near."

    Experientially, we will not know the "end is near" (Matt.24:33) until the "abomination sits
    in the temple" and more specifically "until one of the days after" the tribulation comes to an end. Mark 13:24; Matt.24:15,29,36; Rev.10:6-7
    and Rev.11:6-7 (days just before the last trump).

    Mel Miller at www.lastday.net; lasday1@cox.net
  4. ronthedisciple

    ronthedisciple New Member

    Nov 23, 2005
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    Why would I need mathematics to know when to expect the "end of the age'? My Bible tells me:

    1) Not even Christ knows the day or hour of His return.

    2) I should not be caught unawares - I must remain vigilant and alert, and busy about my service to Him when He comes.

    3) The end will come when we least expect it.

    4) The Gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached to all nations, all peoples, then the end will come.

    5) (Most important of all) - I am not saved from the end of the age, but I am saved unto eternal life - which is far beyond the end of the age.

    Thus, My primary concern is to keep the faith, serve my Lord, and trust in His promise of Salvation - anything else I happen to "know" is but icing on the cake.
  5. Mel Miller

    Mel Miller New Member

    Dec 2, 2005
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    Hi to Ron the Disciple,

    I agree with some of your points but why did Jesus say Believers will "know the end is near"
    and also that He will not appear until the days
    *after* the great tribulation? Matt.24:33;
    Mark 13:24.

    You write:

    1) "Not even Christ knows the day or hour of His return".

    3) "The end will come when we least expect it".

    The purpose in giving specific signs is for the
    very purpose of knowing about when to expect His coming. Believers will not "know the exact day"
    but they will know Christ is not coming prior to
    the 3 1/2 days the Two Witnesses lie dead in a
    street of Jerusalem after completing their task
    of 1260 days during the great tribulation . . . for in the days when the 7th trumpdet is about to sound, "there will be no more delay". Rev.10:6-7; Rev.11:7-11.

    The reason Jesus stated "no one knows the day or
    the hour" is that only the Father knows when the
    last martyr will be killed. Jesus will not come
    until the last martyr dies during the final
    3 1/2 days before the 7th trumpet sounds that
    "God's wrath has come". The one question of the
    martyrs indicates the "time" for God's wrath.
    Rev.6:9-11. That time is when the last one dies!

    What did Jesus promise?

    "All Believers MUST rise up on the last day", including the Two Witnesses. John 6:38-40.
    Mel Miller www.lastday.net
  6. Linda64

    Linda64 New Member

    Jul 31, 2004
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    Daniel 9:24-27. God's timetable for restoring Israel and overthrowing the Gentile powers.

    The Seventy Weeks. The occasion of the 70 weeks was Daniel's prayer that God would have mercy on Israel. The vision of the 70 weeks is God's answer. In this vision God reveals to Daniel the time schedule and major events which will lead to the establishment of Israel's Messianic kingdom.

    The Length of Time of the 70 Weeks. The Hebrew term for weeks here (shebuah) simply means "sevens." The context must determine whether it is a week of days, or of years, etc. (1) The weeks which have already been fulfilled demonstrate these are weeks of years rather than of days. It was almost 500 years from the rebuilding of the temple and of Jerusalem until the coming of Christ. This fits perfectly the testimony of Da 9:25, which places 69 weeks of years (483 years) between the two events. It is only reasonable to believe that the 70th week shall also be a week of years, or a seven year period. (2) When this Hebrew term is used of weeks of days, the word "days" is added (Da 10:2-3). (3) The concept of weeks of years was familiar to Jewish thinking (Le 25:3-9). (4) At the time of the vision, Daniel had been thinking in terms of weeks of years (Da 9:2 compared with 2Ch 36:21)

    The Divisions of the 70 Weeks . The 70 weeks are divided into distinct groups. (1) During the first 7 weeks (49 years) Jerusalem was rebuilt in troublous times (compare Nehemiah). (2) The next 62 weeks (434 years) extends from the rebuilding of Jerusalem until the coming of the Messiah. (3) Between the 69th and 70th week is a period of undetermined time during which the Messiah is cut off (compare Mt. 27), Jerusalem is destroyed by Roman armies (A.D. 70), and there are desolations until the end. The Hebrew word translated "desolation" is also translated "destruction (Ho. 2:12). It refers to the fact that Jerusalem has been destroyed and overrun time and again throughout the interim period between the 69th and 70th weeks. Unforeseen by Daniel is the interlude of the church age, during which time the Messiah is resurrected and ascends back to Heaven to oversee the calling out of a people for His name from among the nations (Lu 19:11-27; Ac 15:14-18). (4) The 70th week (the final seven years). The prince of the revived Roman Empire will make a covenant with Israel. That the Antichrist arises from the revived Roman Empire is evident by the fact that he is called the prince of the people who destroyed Jerusalem after Messiah's death; this was Rome. In the middle of the seven years the Antichrist will desecrate the Jewish temple (compare Mt 24:15; 2Th 2:3-4). There will be desolations until Christ returns to overthrow the Antichrist (compare Mt 24:16-21; Re 11:2). The abomination that makes desolate marks the middle of the seven years. Compare Mt 24:15 where Jesus places this event in the Tribulation period. This abomination of desolation probably refers to the occasion when the Antichrist will set himself up as god (2Th 2:4).

    Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible: David Cloud
  7. OldRegular

    OldRegular Well-Known Member

    Nov 21, 2004
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    Sounds like hocus pocus to me. Daniel's 70th week has passed and there is no way that week can be used to justify the pretrib rapture and a so-called 7 year "great tribulation" some 1900 plus years after it was fulfilled.
  8. Mel Miller

    Mel Miller New Member

    Dec 2, 2005
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    Dear Linda and OldRegular,

    It was not "hocus pocus" to the Magi who knew it
    was time for the birth of the Jewish Messiah as
    foretold by Daniel's prophecy of the 69 Sevens.

    I agree mostly with the quote from David Cloud,
    but what he wrote would have been misleading to
    the Wise Men. It was not 69 sevens of solar years; but 69 sets of 2520-days overlaid upon
    68 sets of solar years that would finally
    bridge BCE 445 and AD 32. Each set=7x360 days.

    They knew two things (from the reference to 1290 days and to the "one seven" of Dan.9:25); i.e., that the countdown was based on solar days but fulfilled in sets of contiguous 30-day months and that the first seven ended in a Jubilee!

    They could well have verified that the first
    set of seven was fulfilled in the Jubilee year
    fifty years after the Decree of BCE 445. Neh.2:1.
    One seven of solar years = 50/84 thirty-day months (49x365.25%360). The 50th year (445-50) was 395 BCE, the year when the great general Lysander celebrated his victories at sea over all
    opposition and the Judean Governors rejoiced!

    The Wise Men knew that, as of BCE 1, 450.5 sets of 2520 days (444x365.25%360) would be passed already. They knew that, in another 30 years
    when Priests began their duties (for He was to
    be a Priest-King), 68x7 solar years (476) would equal 483 sets of seven (69x7)! (The 476x5.25
    produces an extra set of seven less 21 days).

    Our verifiable proof today is that 69 sets of Seven were fulfilled to the exact 21 days between Palm Sunday on Nisan 9 and Nisan 30 of AD 32. In these days Passover fell on a Friday
    (overlaid on sets of 2520 days) exactly 69
    times since BCE 445 and the Anniversary of the
    Decree occurred on Nisan 30 for the 69th time
    as well. (On a continues overlay of 2520 days, the 5th Sunday of Nisan, with Passover on Friday, the 14th, occurs once every 84 months.)

    I am writing this because the 70 Sevens cannot
    be properly referred to as sets of solar years because all 70 sets will be overlaid upon what
    amounts to 69 sets of solar sevens . . . with
    up to 30 days remaining (until solar day #1290) when the Two Witnesses rise up after being killed on day #1260 . . . the last day of the second half of set #70!

    Mel Miller www.lastday.net