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slow forum section - and new threads get locked

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by BobRyan, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. BobRyan

    BobRyan Active Member

    Aug 27, 2002
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    Non Baptist Christian
    Not sure why this BB forum area has gone down to a trickle.

    New policy??
  2. Gerhard Ebersoehn

    Gerhard Ebersoehn Active Member
    Site Supporter

    Jul 31, 2004
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    Non Baptist Christian
    The Spirit of God is moving over the chaos like on the First Day. Wait on Him, you'll soon find from here things are going to move forward like never before. I believe even the Seventh-day Adventists church is going to change to the extent its name can be written, 'The Seventh-day Adventist _Church_'.

    FUNDAMENTAL doctrinal and confessional changes -- in fact, reversals to Reformed Protestant Faith -- are imminent.

    For too long honest common people have been lorded over, misled and FOOLED by STUPID HYPOCRITES who have never for one day worked for the Lord Jesus, but for their own PETTY and SELFISH interests and almighty opinion of their own opinions and SELF.

    There are many wonderful Christians willing to stand up and stand out for the Bible's Sabbath truth -- which is Christ Resurrected from the dead "on the day The Sabbath OF THE LORD GOD", but because of the Sabbath being associated with the WICKED Seventh-day Adventists denomination, won't.

    But this cult -- I believe -- from the ranks of the millions of real Christians in it who have been taken for a hellish ride for nearly two hundred years now, will either repent and convert, or disappear ... within the blink of an eye.

    And chances are good, many if not most -- if not ALL --, will join the "Sabbaths' Feast of Christ Home Assemblies Reformed Protestant Faith as were it overnight.