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Student Bibles

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by FriendofSpurgeon, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. FriendofSpurgeon

    FriendofSpurgeon Well-Known Member
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    Feb 24, 2003
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    Does anyone have any recommendations for a student study Bible, preferably NIV translation?

    Please, please no arguments here. If I wanted that, I would have posted this in another section. I was just hoping that someone might be able to recommend an excellent Bible.

  2. Marcia

    Marcia Active Member

    May 12, 2004
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    Doesn't the NIV have several student study Bibles?

    Go to christianbook.com and look under the Bibles category. Then you choose from a subcategory for students. From that, there is a further subcategory (look on the left) for the version, so you click on NIV.

    I just did this and a whole bunch of Bibles come up, several of which are NIV. There is the NIV Teen study Bible, and there is an NIV teen girl study Bible, an NIV Student Life Application Bible, an NIV Teen Devotianal Bible, and others.
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