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Tennessee vs Scopes Monkey Trial

Discussion in 'History Forum' started by LadyEagle, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. LadyEagle

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    Feb 7, 2002
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    Tennessee vs John Scopes - The Monkey Trial

    • 1919 George W. Hunter publishes Civic Biology, a textbook designed for high school biology students. The book contains a section on evolution. It includes racist suggestions and endorses controversial ideas, such as sterilization of epileptics and the mentally feeble, from the then-popular field of eugenics. The book will be adopted by Tennessee and assigned as reading in the classroom of John Scopes. The year also marks the inaugural conference of William B. Riley's World Christian Fundamentals Association.</font>
    • 1922 William Jennings Bryan, William B. Riley, John R. Straton, T. T. Martin (and other religious leaders) began a campaign for legislation that will ban the teaching of evolution in public schools.</font>
    • January 24, 1924 William Jennings Bryan delivers a major speech in Nashville attacking evolution.</font>
    • January 21, 1925 John Washington Butler introduces a bill in the Tennessee House of Representatives to ban the teaching of evolution in the public schools. The bill will later become the Butler Act, and will be the basis for the prosecution of John Scopes.</font>
    • February 1925 Evangelist Billy Sunday holds revival meetings in Tennessee. He tells rapt crowds, "Education today is chained to the Devil's throne."</font>
    • March 21, 1925 Tennessee Governor Austin Peay signs the Butler Act, prohibiting the teaching of evolution in the state's public schools. He expresses the opinion that the law will never be enforced.</font>
    • April 21, 1925 Scopes discusses with his biology students the section on evolution in Hunter's Civic Biology, according to the later testimony of Superintendent Walter White. (A student, in his testimony, puts the date as "about the middle of April." The original indictment identifies the date of his teaching evolution as "the 24th day of April.")</font>
    • May 1, 1925 The school year ends at the Rhea County High School.</font>
    • May 3, 1925 The ACLU discusses the Tennessee antievolution act at a board meeting in New York. The board decides to issue a press announcement that it stood willing to support any teacher that challenged the law's constitutionality.</font>
    • May 4, 1925 The Chattanooga Daily Times publishes a story reporting that the ACLU is hoping to mount a challenge to the Butler Act and that it is looking for a teacher willing to serve as a defendant in a test case. The story is read by a Dayton coal plant manager, George Rappalyea.</font>
    • May 5, 1925 At a gathering of town leaders at Robinson's drug store in Dayton, George Rappalyea proposes holding a trial that will test the constitutionality of Tennessee's new antievolution law. Scopes, fetched from a tennis court, comes to Robinson's and indicates his willingness to be a defendant. A warrant is issued for the arrest of John Scopes.</font>

    INTRO to Scopes Monkey Trial in Tennessee



  2. blackbird

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    Feb 21, 2002
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    You mean, Blackbird is related to Cheetah(of Tarzan acclaim)??????

    I'm more important in the eyes of society than I thought!!!
  3. mioque

    mioque New Member

    May 23, 2003
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    "It includes racist suggestions and endorses controversial ideas, such as sterilization of epileptics and the mentally feeble, from the then-popular field of eugenics."
    Interestingly enough the book spends more pages on these subjects than it does evolution, also worth mentioning is that nobody complained about the eugenics bits back then.