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The Adventist Dentist and the Holy Molar

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Protestant, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Protestant

    Protestant Active Member

    Jul 6, 2013
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    Jarrod was not always an Adventist dentist. Before he came to the true faith, he was a good Mormon in his beliefs and practices. Born in Utah to a fifth generation Mormon family, Jared was the father of ten darling Mormon children and the father of two Mormon wives, one of which he passed off as his ‘sister’ in order to comply with U.S. laws against polygamy.

    Like all good Mormon men, Jarrod had completed two strenuous years as a Missionary. His mission field was particularly difficult. Las Vegas was not named ‘Sin City’ for no reason. Satan’s temptations were ever present, but to Jarrod the alcohol, gambling and loose women held no attraction. The Book of Mormon was his solace.

    Upon returning home from his mission, though he had baptized only three people in two years, Jarrod quickly passed the entrance exams necessary to prove His worthiness to gain a Temple Recommend. Jarrod understood that the LDS Church was the only true Church on earth, sanctioned by the Eternal Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith was God’s true prophet, whose writings were divinely inspired. All unbelievers outside their Church were doomed.

    Success soon followed success in Jarrod’s life…..dental school, dental practice, marriage, children, secret second ‘marriage’, and more and more children.

    But something was lacking.

    That ‘burning in his bosom’ had faded.

    Then one day while placing monthly magazines in his waiting room he noticed a tract that a patient left: ‘The Coming Sunday Law.’ In it he read how professing Christians who worship on Sunday have unwittingly taken ‘The Mark of the Beast.’ Ellen White, the true Prophetess of God, had declared Sabbath-keeping mandatory for salvation. Her arguments seemed excellent. Furthermore, though Jarrod was a patriot who honored America for its democracy and freedoms, he was informed that Mrs. White viewed America as the ‘Beast from the Earth’. This tract warned of a coming National Sunday Law, imposed by Congress, which would make it illegal to worship the Lord on Saturday, the true and eternal Sabbath. Thus would begin Great Tribulation for the chosen few who kept not only the Sabbath, but all the other Commandments of God, having the faith of Jesus…..the Seventh-day Adventist Church!

    Panic gripped Jarrod as he contemplated the fact that Joseph Smith neglected to include the necessity of Sabbath-keeping when preaching and teaching salvation by works. Mormons had always been objects of persecution by other Christian denominations – Presbyterians Methodists, Baptists, Congregationalists, etc., - now, it appears, it will be those same Christian denominations that will persecute the innocent Adventists!

    It was after attending his first SDA prophecy conference that Jarrod began to clearly see the light. The book of Revelation, long a mysterious book of incomprehensible symbols, now made sense, as did the Investigative Judgment. The Lord Jesus would never condemn anybody without giving each individual a chance to believe on Him. It is only be fair to wait and see how well that individual followed the Commandments until his death. Depending on the totality of the life lived on earth, Jesus would either reject that person or make atonement, allowing him to enter the Heavenly Kingdom. Obviously, those who did not keep the Sabbath did not stand a chance.

    Jarrod was relieved that, just as the Mormons and Arminians already believed, the Investigative Judgment proves God does not predestinate men to salvation before they were born, but rather looks at the worthiness of the person already born to determine salvation status.

    But despite all the mounting evidence, Jarrod required a sign from God as to the truthfulness of the SDA claims. The Lord heard his demand and sent a mighty angel to the frightened dentist in a dream. “Follow me,” the angel cried. Jarrod was brought before the Ark of the Covenant in the Heavenly Sanctuary. Standing next to the Ark and Mercy Seat was the Lord Jesus. Suddenly, the Lord opened the Ark to reveal the Tablets containing the Ten Commandments. Lo and behold, next to the Fourth Commandment was a molar….a wisdom tooth…..and that molar began to glow brighter and brighter until Jarrod was forced to cover his eyes. In an instant Jarrod realized it was a sign from the Lord signifying the everlasting nature of Sabbath-keeping.

    So Jarrod moved his family and practice to the Napa Valley in order to worship with countless other members of the SDA Church on Saturday, the only day of the week in which God is able to be worshipped in Spirit and truth. The utter futility of those other Christian denominations attempting to find the Spirit or truth Sunday through Friday!

    Though Jarrod enjoyed being a tour guide at Elmshaven, Mrs. White’s last residence, there seemed to be a few inconsistencies which were of concern. For example, the Bible clearly forbids women teaching and preaching when the church is assembled. Yet Ellen White is the founder of their religion. How is it that Adventists hold Ellen White’s teachings equal to or superior to the Holy Bible? And if she is a Prophetess sent from God, how does one explain the numerous false prophecies? How is it possible for a National Sunday Law to be enacted against Sabbath-keepers when the cultural climate of the country has been moving rapidly toward licentious hedonism? Do Americans really care about Adventist religious beliefs?

    These and other contradictions occupied Jarrod’s thoughts.

    That is, until he came across a tract a patient left in his waiting room: “Scientology – the most important breakthrough in Man’s history.”
  2. BobRyan

    BobRyan Active Member

    Aug 27, 2002
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    Non Baptist Christian
    More Bible study - less propaganda against SDAs please.

    For example in the church at Corinth - 1Cor 14 says "EACH ONE had a revelation" not "just the men".

    The Bible says "EACH one had a teaching" and not "just the men" as some have imagined.

    This is not an argument for women pastors - but it is an argument not to declare the Bible to be evil simply because it does not fit your man made traditions.

    When JW's come to my door I ask them if they have always been JW or if they converted from some other denomination. Very often they say they converted from being Baptist. I do not blame that on Baptists or claim that the Baptists must be a cult like the JWs as a result of that information. Those who do are simply applying the terms and conditions of propaganda - to religion as an appeal to the low-information Bible students.

    in Christ,

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  3. targus

    targus New Member

    Feb 10, 2008
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    That's funny.

    When SDA's come to my door I ask them how long have they been SDA...

    Very often they say, "Like Ellen White, ever since I was hit on the head with a rock." :laugh: