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The agenda of deliberate destruction

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by Revmitchell, Mar 10, 2009.

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    Feb 18, 2006
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    Editor's note: WND asked Nicholas Butterfield to interview best-selling author Jamie Glazov about his latest book, "United in Hate."

    Question: In your book, you outline the Left's various love affairs with despotic leaders throughout history, from Stalin and Mao, to Nasrallah and Ahmadinejad. Will the cycle break under President Obama, who holds the respect of the radical Left, yet selected a strong war cabinet?

    Answer: The signs now indicate that the cycle will by no means be broken. One only has to look at the choices being made in foreign policy to get a feel of what the Obama administration has in its heart. It's clearly going out of its way to make sure that our adversaries will be able to hurt us. Obama has announced the closure of Guantanamo and the closing of all overseas CIA interrogation centers. The information and intelligence that was gathered through these vehicles prevented myriad strikes against the United States. Now our hands will be tied and our eyes blindfolded while jihadis plan to attack our soil not just 9/11 style, but with WMDs. It's not a good picture. This is all not to mention where the hardcore terrorist inmates in Guantanamo will go.

    Why would an American government indulge in this kind of thing in a time of war? The Obama administration also intends to provide approximately $900 million to Hamas. Why? Why are we giving money to Nazis whose hands are drenched in blood and whose sole purpose is to annihilate Israel and kill Jews?

    Now Obama intends to make Chas Freeman, of all people, the chairman of the National Intelligence Council. Let's just say that Freeman will exercise a huge influence on shaping U.S. policy. And who is Freeman? He's a former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia. His views? He thinks that the Tiananmen Square massacre was a great thing, that Israel is the victim of terrorism because it brings it on itself, and that America needs to do soul- searching about what it did to anger the 9/11 terrorists.

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