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The Case for Christ Movie Review

Discussion in 'TV Shows and Movies' started by Mark Corbett, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Mark Corbett

    Mark Corbett Active Member

    May 13, 2017
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    We purchased The Case for Christ movie dvd yesterday at Walmart. Last night Hope and I watched it together with two friends from our church. Here’s the summary: it’s awesome!

    The movie is basically a testimony about the many ways in which God works to win a person’s heart. In this case, God is working to win the heart of a man (Lee Strobel) who was a skeptical and hostile atheist.

    God works in many ways. The movie’s strength is that it shows how these different expressions of His grace and truth are woven together to rescue a lost rebel.

    I don’t think that “spoilers” will spoil this movie, but just to let you know, this review includes some. Here are some of the ways the movie shows God working:

    1. God works through providence. Providence is a fancy word meaning that God controls all the events and details that happen in our lives. He uses these for His own gracious purposes. This is seen, for example, when Lee’s daughter gets candy caught in her throat. God uses this to set into motion events which lead to great good.

    2. God works through patient love. The patient love of Lee’s wife and the change he sees in her after she accepts Christ are a powerful influence on him.

    3. The Lord works through a team of people. While one person may be there at the point of “harvest”, God usually works through a group of Christians to win a person. There are a number of different believers in different parts of Lee’s life who all play a role in leading him to Christ.

    4. God works through prayer. Lee’s wife and others pray passionately. God answers.

    5. God works by healing deep emotional wounds. Lee has a deeply damaged relationship with his father. God works to bring healing here even before Lee accepts Christ, and this healing opens the way for Lee to move forward.

    6. God works through local churches. A local church plays an important role in Lee coming to Christ.

    7. The final cause I’ll mention is the one Lee Strobel if probably best known for. God worked through a careful and critical investigation of historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Lee sets out to prove that Christianity is not true. He uses the skills and methods of an investigative journalist (which he was). He becomes a Christian. He himself is then used by God to help win others to Christ.

    Besides the excellent content of the movie, I thought the acting, script, and directing were all very well done. The movie was moving and engaging in the best ways. I feel it is among the best Christian movies I have watched. I highly recommend it. Buy the dvd. Watch it. Watch it with friends. Pass it around. And pray that God will work through us to win others as He is shown working in The Case for Christ.

    This was initially a post on my blog.