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The Crisis of Distraction: Widespread Media Distortion concerning Ukraine

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by poncho, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. poncho

    poncho Well-Known Member

    Mar 30, 2004
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    The United States is a nation whose supremacy relies solely on its projection of military aggression as a means of coercion and political manoeuvring. US national debt is difficult to comprehend when juxtaposed with its supposed status as a thriving, global superpower. While much of this military aggression has been disguised as humanitarian aid or democracy promotion, in reality it is the use of soft power as a means of colonisation and resource extraction. Programs such as Africom continue in their quiet recolonisation of Africa; meanwhile other US initiatives of ‘peace and democracy’ are loudly and violently bringing the world closer to war.

    The utter disaster of US-led western intervention in Ukraine has been so widely ignored by the mainstream press that, with the rise of any new Ukrainian crises, the response is guaranteed to be a one sided attack on Putin. To highlight the perpetual insanity of contemporary ‘Russia-blaming’ one need only peruse the openly biased articles of just a single writer from what passes as a news-site today.

    Continue . . . http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-crisis-of-distraction-widespread-media-distortion-concerning-ukraine/5468255