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The Dodgers Slapstick Play of the Year

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by InTheLight, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. InTheLight

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    Dec 17, 2010
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    I have coached youth baseball for 8 years, but even I rarely see anything like this. Three (physical) errors and at least six mental errors allow two runs to score on a bloop fly-out to center field. Runners on first and second base when the bloop fly ball is hit to CF.


    1. CF Puig had no chance to nail the runner scurrying back to first base on the fly-out.

    2. Puig, by throwing to first base is basically allowing the runner on 2nd base to advance to third on the throw.

    3. Puig does not set his feet prior to throwing the ball (I call this Jeter-ing the throw).

    4. Ball bounces in the dirt wide of first base and gets past the first baseman (Adrian Gonzalez).

    5. The catcher (Ellis) backing up the play has not chance to get the runner advancing to second but throws it anyway (and what about the LEAD RUNNER, HMMM....???!!)

    6. Throw to second base is off target, bounces into left-center.

    7. The shortstop (Ramirez), who for some reason is still lollygagging around in the outfield has no chance at getting the lead runner approaching the plate but throws it anyway. (There is no one covering the plate, anyway.)

    8. Throw is wide of the plate.

    9. Pitcher (Kershaw) is not backing up home plate so he can't stop the errant throw.

    10. Catcher retrieves errant throw, abandoning home plate, and throws to the pitcher, now covering the plate (sort of), but pitcher decides not to apply the tag, even though he probably could have gotten him out. First baseman Gonzalez can be seen loitering in foul territory up the first base line, he decides to join the play after it's over.

    So, four All Stars are involved in this "play".
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  2. Bro. Curtis

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    Oct 25, 2001
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    I watched it like 4 times. The Keystone Cops were never that funny.