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the elect.

Discussion in '2004 Archive' started by humbleherc, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. humbleherc

    humbleherc Guest

    People if any of us are not of the elect family of God we will not go to heaven period.Now make your calling and election sure or just be a goat which is it.You can't be both.For one thing all you fine beleivers out there don't believe in Christ of yourselves.You believe because of Jesus.By him we do believe in God.1 peter 1:21.Now if any of you believe That God is all knowing and infinite you should believe in predestination,election,foreknowledge etc.The lord knoweth them that are his.Their is more apostacy in the unedification of the spirit these days than ever before.Man wants to credit himself for coming to christ.He accepted Christ wow.Have you ever thought that God has to accept you perhaps.He's the one that regenerates you people not you your selves.But most folks take the glory upon them selves as they done something.Salvation ain't of none of ourselves.It is of the Lord.And if any man is saved he should never boast.I hear people say all the time they know there saved.No man has ever seen inside the book of life ever.I have to rest with the hope of old people.Christ in you the hope of glory.
  2. humbleherc

    humbleherc Guest

    Rest with the hope of old Paul i meant to type.
  3. humbleherc

    humbleherc Guest

    here is a good site to understand from Old Sylvester Hassel. http://primitivebaptists.org/

    the primitive baptists are the only ones i believe that stick to the original doctrine of grace.But check it out and see for your self.

  4. humbleherc

    humbleherc Guest

    da gumit here it is again http://www.primitivebaptists.org/

  5. humbleherc

    humbleherc Guest

    I can do it.I know i can i know i can. http://www.primitivebaptist.org/