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The Lighter Side of a Cold

Discussion in 'Jokes & Humor (Clean)' started by Alcott, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Alcott

    Alcott Well-Known Member
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    Dec 17, 2002
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    When you work with a cold, as I am today,
    You feel awful and chilly and tired.
    One way to get through-- may I now say to you?—
    Is to keep silent fun unexpired.

    I pretend I am hunting, as I waver and cough,
    Like I’m out with my gun in the field.
    But my double-barrel snot-gun keeps going off—
    I’m reminded that’s all that I wield.

    My throat keeps on burning; my head keeps on churning,
    And I add lemon juice to my tea.
    But I keep with my learning, while a living I’m earning,
    I’m so glad that the beverage is free!

    My nose is so sore, and it feels such a bore
    To keep blowing and wiping so often.
    But I look at that door, and forget that it’s sore—
    Going home somehow makes it to soften.

    Well, the day’s getting old; I’ll be glad to behold
    My house and my blanket and bed.
    I finally will fold, and in spite of this cold,
    This poem was just written—not said.