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The need for language updates

Discussion in 'Bible Versions & Translations' started by NaasPreacher (C4K), Aug 19, 2011.

  1. NaasPreacher (C4K)

    NaasPreacher (C4K) Well-Known Member

    Oct 21, 2003
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    In another thread the question was raised that updated language could be equated to updated Bible stories and lessons. The idea was that if updating the language was acceptable, that implied that updating stories would be as well.

    My question for those who hold the view that Bibles should not be updated is this. Below is a well know Bible passage, in English. Should this ever have been updated to a more modern form of English, and was the passage changed by doing so?

  2. JesusFan

    JesusFan New Member

    Jan 4, 2011
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    reminds of when someone askes"what is the best Bible version?" its the one that you can read and understand!
  3. Logos1560

    Logos1560 Active Member
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    Oct 22, 2004
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    The KJV was officially a revision of the Bishops' Bible. Did the KJV translators change the English Bible when they updated and revised many renderings in the Bishops' Bible?

    Lev. 4:11 his dung shall he bear out (Bishops) his dung (KJV)
    Lev. 4:12 even by the place where (Bishops) where (KJV)
    Lev. 4:25 unto the bottom (Bishops) at the bottom (KJV)
    Lev. 7:23 of beeves (Bishops) of ox (KJV)
    Lev. 7:24 Neverthelater, the fat (Bishops) And the fat (KJV)
    Lev. 11:16 ostrich (Bishops) owl (KJV)
    Lev. 11:17 falcon (Bishops) little owl (KJV)
    Lev. 11:18 the back (Bishops) the swan (KJV)
    Lev. 11:22 arb (Bishops) locust (KJV)
    Lev. 11:22 selaam (Bishops) bald locust (KJV)
    Lev. 11:22 hargol (Bishops) beetle (KJV)
    Lev. 11:22 hagab (Bishops) grasshopper (KJV)
    Lev. 11:30 stellio (Bishops) chameleon (KJV)
    Lev. 11:30 lacert (Bishops) lizard (KJV)
    Lev. 16:21 convenient man (Bishops) fit man (KJV)
    Lev. 18:6 kindred (Bishops) kin (KJV)
    Lev. 18:13 discover (Bishops) uncover (KJV)
    Lev. 18:17 discover (Bishops) uncover (KJV)
    Lev. 18:25 Wherethrough (Bishops) And (KJV)
    Lev. 19:10 shalt not dishonest thy vineyard (Bishops) shalt not glean thy vineyard (KJV)
    Lev. 19:23 convenient to be eaten of (Bishops) for food (KJV)
    Lev. 19:27 tufts of thy beard (Bishops) corners of thy beard (KJV)
    Lev. 19:32 reverence the face (Bishops) honour the face (KJV)
    Lev. 19:32 dread thy God (Bishops) fear thy God (KJV)
    Lev. 20:9 diminished the estimation (Bishops) cursed (KJV)
    Lev. 20:10 that breaketh wedlock (Bishops) that committeth adultery (KJV)
    Lev. 21:2 kinsman that is nigh (Bishops) kin that is near (KJV)
    Lev. 22:14 hallowed thing (Bishops) holy thing (KJV)
    Lev. 24:14 without the host (Bishops) without the camp (KJV)
    Lev. 25:49 of his kindred (Bishops) of his family (KJV)
    Num. 2:20 And fast by him (Bishops) And by him (KJV)
    Num. 3:25 and the pavilion (Bishops) and the tent (KJV)
    Num. 3:41 all the first gendred (Bishops) all the firstlings (KJV)
    Num. 5:7 knowledge their sin (Bishops) confess their sin (KJV)
    Num. 7:2 which were (Bishops) who were (KJV)
    Num. 7:3 six covered charettes (Bishops) six covered wagons (KJV)
    Num. 9:4 celebrate the Passover (Bishops) keep the Passover (KJV)

    Num. 10:31 our mansions (Bishops) how we are to encamp (KJV)
    Num. 11:24 threescore and ten (Bishops) seventy (KJV)
    Num. 14:44 presumed obstinately (Bishops) presumed (KJV)
    Num. 16:15 Moses waxed very angry (Bishops) Moses was very wroth (KJV)
    Num. 18:9 the fire of the altar (Bishops) the fire (KJV)
    Num. 18:12 All the fat (Bishops) All the best (KJV)
    Num. 18:14 All things separate from the common use is Israel (Bishops)
    Every thing devoted in Israel (KJV)
    Num. 18:29 all the fat (Bishops) all the best (KJV)
    Num. 18:30 the fat of it from it (Bishops) the best thereof from it (KJV)
    Num. 22:19 that I may wit (Bishops) that I may know (KJV)
    Num. 22:34 I wist not (Bishops) I knew not (KJV)
    Num. 23:4 and Balaam said unto him (Bishops) and he said unto him (KJV)
    Num. 24:1 to meet a soothsaying (Bishops) to seek for enchantments (KJV)
    Num. 24:11 from worship (Bishops) from honour (KJV)
    Num. 25:3 coupled him self (Bishops) joined himself (KJV)
    Num. 31:9 spoiled all their cattle (Bishops) took the spoil of all their cattle (KJV)
    Num. 31:11 all the bootie (Bishops) all the prey (KJV)
    Num. 31:43 That is to wit the half (Bishops) Now the half (KJV)
    Num. 31:53 men of war had spoiled (Bishops) men of war had taken spoil (KJV)
    Num. 32:30 in harness (Bishops) armed (KJV)
    Num. 32:32 go harnessed (Bishops) go armed (KJV)
    Deut. 1:35 this froward generation (Bishops) this evil generation (KJV)
    Deut. 1:44 as bees use to do (Bishops) as bees do (KJV)
    Deut. 2:6 procure water of them (Bishops) buy water of them (KJV)
    Deut. 2:28 for to eat (Bishops) that I may eat (KJV)
    Deut. 3:18 go harnessed (Bishops) pass over armed (KJV)
    Deut. 3:28 and bolden him (Bishops) and strengthen him (KJV)
    Deut. 6:24 for our wealth (Bishops) for our good (KJV)
    Deut. 8:13 are waxen many (Bishops) multiply (KJV)
    Deut. 10:13 for thy wealth (Bishops) for thy good (KJV)
    Deut. 11:4 the host of Egypt (Bishops) the army of Egypt (KJV)
    Deut. 12:17 first born of thy kine (Bishops) firstlings of thy herds (KJV)
    Deut. 14:5 unicorn (Bishops) pygarg (KJV)
    Deut. 14:16 redshank (Bishops) swan (KJV)
    Deut. 15:3 Yet of a stranger (Bishops) Of a foreigner (KJV)
    Deut. 15:4 no beggar (Bishops) no poor (KJV)
    Deut. 20:17 destroy them without redemption (Bishops) utterly destroy them (KJV)
    Deut. 21:20 he is a rioter (Bishops) he is a glutton (KJV)
    Deut. 22:20 be of a surety (Bishops) be true (KJV)
    Deut. 22:30 unheal (Bishops) discover (KJV)
    Deut. 23:14 to rid thee (Bishops) to deliver thee (KJV)
    Deut. 25:11 to rid her husband (Bishops) to deliver her husband (KJV)
    Deut. 26:18 be a several people (Bishops) be his peculiar people (KJV)
    Deut. 27:20 unhealeth (Bishops) uncovered (KJV)
    Deut. 28:29 no man shall succour thee (Bishops) no man shall save thee (KJV)

    Deut. 29:27 waxed hot (Bishops) was kindled (KJV)
    Deut. 30:3 fetch (Bishops) gather (KJV)
    Deut. 30:9 for thy wealth (Bishops) for good (KJV)
    Deut. 31:6 dread not (Bishops) fear not (KJV)
    Deut. 31:8 be discomfited (Bishops) be dismayed (KJV)
    Deut. 31:17 my wrath will wax hot (Bishops) my anger shall be kindled (KJV)
    Deut. 31:20 blaspheme me (Bishops) provoke me (KJV)
    Deut. 31:21 much mischief and tribulation (Bishops) many evils and troubles (KJV)
    Deut. 32:4 the most mighty God (Bishops) the Rock (KJV)
    Deut. 32:5 wicked and froward (Bishops) perverse and crooked (KJV)
    Deut. 32:15 the God (Bishops) the Rock (KJV)
    Deut. 32:18 Of God (Bishops) of the Rock (KJV)
    Deut. 33:26 in the celestial places (Bishops) on the sky (KJV)
  4. Van

    Van Well-Known Member
    Site Supporter

    Mar 4, 2011
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    I think the difference in updating words to words that mean the same thing to the modern culture is vastly different from updating the stories from biblical times to stories that supposedly illustrate the same spiritual idea to the modern culture. So gird up you loins might mean prepare for action, but "put on your running pants" conveys the same idea and preserves the illustration.

    Bottom line, I believe the NKJV is vastly superior to the KJV, but you can find verses where the KJV is more faithful and the update missed the mark. So many of these debate exchanges rely on such anecdotal evidence, but an objective analysis is really what is needed.

    I found an article, but I been unable to relocate it, that had 4 or so verses where the NKJV was vastly superior to the NASB, but the bottom line of the analysis was that overall the NASB is more faithful to the actual illustrations in scripture.
    #4 Van, Aug 23, 2011
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