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The Seventy Weeks and Great Tribulation by Phillip Mauro.

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by Alan Gross, Sep 19, 2023.

  1. Alan Gross

    Alan Gross Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2018
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    This is a nice rare .pdf version of the classic;

    The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation

    A Study of the Last Two Visions of Daniel,
    and of the Olivet Discourse of the Lord Jesus Christ

    by Philip Mauro
    Written in 1921, revised in 1944

    Maybe the last title in the contents
    Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars will peak your interest.
    New thread. The Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars. One of the most difficult Bible passages.

    A lot of subjects handled very well and plainly in context.
    You may be very surprised.

    Principles That Should Govern in the Interpretation of Prophecy 1
    Bible Chronology 2
    A Prophecy of Transcendent Interest 2
    “Daniel The Prophet” (Matthew 24:15) 3

    “The Commandment to Restore, And to Build.” 5
    Concerning Eclipses 6
    The Decree of Cyrus The Great 7
    Concerning Cyrus 8
    Nehemiah’s Work on Temple Wall 11

    Details of the Seventy Weeks 14

    “Unto Messiah the Prince” 19
    The Prince 22

    Messiah “Cut Off”. The “Hour”. 25
    The Judgment. “The Prince That Shall Come”. 26
    Who is “The Prince That Shall Come”? 26

    The Seventieth Week 29
    “For One Week” 31
    “My Sacrifices and Drink Offering”

    Are the Seventy Weeks Consecutive? 34
    Why the Seventy Weeks Are Divided Into Three Parts 38
    The Overspreading of Abominations (Daniel 9:27) 38
    The Decree of Cyrus Again 40
    The Remainder of the Seventieth Week 40
    God’s Prophetic Time Measure 41

    Daniel’s Last Vision 44
    Daniel 11 45
    The “Thing” Revealed to Daniel 46
    The Persian Era 47
    Alexander the Great 47
    Alexander’s Successors 47
    Antiochus the Great 48
    The Raiser of Taxes 48
    Antiochus Epiphanes — the “Vile Person” 48
    The Uprising of the Maccabees 50

    The King 52
    The “Break” Theory 52
    “Herod the King” 53
    “According to His Will” 54
    Exalting and Magnifying Himself 55
    The Desire of Women 55
    The God of Forces 56
    The Time of the End 57
    Caesar Augustus 57
    “Daniel’s Last Vision” 58
    Plutarch’s Description of the Actian War 58
    “The Countries and the Glorious Land” 59
    Edom, Moab and Ammon 59
    The Treasures of Egypt 60
    The Libyans and Ethiopians 60
    Tidings From East and North 61
    His Palace and His End 62

    CHAPTER 10
    Michael the Great Prince. The Time of Trouble.
    Many Awakening. Many Running To and Fro.
    Knowledge Increased. How Long the End?64
    Michael the Prince 64
    A Time of Trouble Such As Never Was 65
    Many Awakening Out of the Dust 66
    Many Shall Run To and Fro 67
    How Long the End? 68
    A Time, Times and A Part 69
    The Taking Away of the Daily Sacrifice 69
    The Period of Three and A Half Years 71

    CHAPTER 11
    “The Wise Shall Understand.” Have These Prophecies A Future Application? 72
    Have These Prophecies A Future Application? 73

    CHAPTER 12
    The Lord’s Prophecy on Mount Olivet 75
    The Importance of the Destruction of Jerusalem 76
    Old Testament Prophecies Concerning Jerusalem 77
    Wrath to the Uttermost 77
    Future Troubles for Mankind 79

    CHAPTER 13
    Outline of the Olivet Prophecy 80
    The Great Tribulation. The Days of Vengeance. 81
    Self-inflicted Sufferings 85

    CHAPTER 14
    Such As Never Was 86
    Mark’s Account of the Olivet Prophecy 86
    The Abomination of Desolation 90
    Luke’s Account. Is it the Same Discourse? 92
    Israel’s Last Probation 92
    The Time of Jacob’s Trouble 92
    The Great Tribulation of Revelation 7 93

    CHAPTER 15
    The Siege of Jerusalem As Described by Josephus 95
    The Strange Retreat of Cestius 97
    The Days of Vengeance 97
    Vespasian Recalled. Titus Placed in Charge. 99

    CHAPTER 16
    Concluding Comments. Edersheim on Matthew 24. 103
    The Beginning of Sorrows 104
    An Illuminating Contrast 105
    Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars 106

    APPENDIX 110
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