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Truck with 35,500 lbs of explosives crashes and explodes in Utah

Discussion in '2005 Archive' started by TexasSky, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. TexasSky

    TexasSky Guest

  2. Alcott

    Alcott Well-Known Member
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    Dec 17, 2002
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    There probably ain't a better state for it to happen in.

    ASLANSPAL New Member

    Nov 8, 2004
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    Yikes! Alcott now really tell us how you feel..
    been to Utah dozens of times to hike and ski
    it is just down right beautiful.

    Actually heard a mormon church sermon once on
    television and all the preacher talked about
    was Jesus and the resurrection ..really had me
    scratching my head because it sounded right on.

    I have climbed Mt. Timpanogos in the Wasatch range
    3 times ..doubt I could do it now but the view
    is stunning...Rent Jeremiah Johnson and you will
    see what I am talking about.

    Walked into a grocery store and it was filled
    with beautiful families and lots of children it
    was almost spooky stepford wife spooky but sure
    was a lot of smiles and healthy people.

    Utah is changing a lot of real estate is being
    bought up by Californians...Salt Lake City I beleive is only 40 percent Morman now .. Orem, Utah is still high(90%) at the foot of Mt. Timpanogos.

    That beautiful state does not deserve any kind
    of destruction it is a natural treasure for our

    ASLANSPAL New Member

    Nov 8, 2004
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  5. TexasSky

    TexasSky Guest


    While I'm not glad that anyone in Utah was placed in danger - be careful of the Mormons. This is my daughter's special mission field.

    Mormonism is a very ... confusing - thing. They use a lot of the same language most protestant Christians use, however, they apply very different meanings to the words.

    For instance: If you ask a Mormon if they believe in Jesus Christ, they will usually tell you, "Of course, that's why we're called the Jesus Christ latter day saints."

    If you ask them to explain who Christ is, you will probably be surprised. Mormons are polytheists. They teach that if you live a good enough life on earth, you will eventually become a God and be given your own planet to rule in the after life. They teach that Christ is a human who succeeded at doing this. They refer to "Father-Gods" as "men who achieved god-like status". Mormonism teaches that Christ is divine, but that he is a brother of Lucifer.

    Mormons also teach that women cannot achieve heaven unless a male literally carries them into heaven. All women must have some male relative, preferably a husband, who, upon the woman's death, will physically carry her into heaven.

    Mormons teach that baptism by water is part of salvation, and that if your ancestor dies, you can be baptised for them, by proxy, thus ensuring their entrance into heaven.

    Their faith changes, based on the "prophet" - or head of their church. So while polygomy was "okay" in one generation, it was not in another, because, the prophets of the day, declared God told them otherwise.

    Brigham Young teaches that God was a man, in man form, and that he had sex with Mary, in order to form the Christ child.

    They teach that some sins cannot be forgiven, even by Christ.

    Marriage is forever in their church only if it is sealed in a Mormon Temple. If a couple sealed in their temple does separate, the marriage is declared "null and non-existant".

    To give you an idea of how this faith works. We know a man who was an elder in the Mormon Church. He married a Mormon that he loved very much. They had two children.

    He was witnessed to for Christ by a reformed-Jew. He accepted Christ as Lord and Savior and left the Mormon church.

    The "Bishop" of the Mormon Church declared his marriage annulled, told his wife that if she did not divorce him and marry another Mormon she would never get to heaven. She did not want to leave her husband, but she truly believed she would go to hell if she didn't. About three months after the divorce, our friend recieved a letter from the Bishop asking him to "bless the union" of his former wife to a Mormon that the Bishop had picked out for our friend.

    Another example:
    I worked with a young Mormon woman who married the son of a Methodist Minister. The male converted because he thought the believes were the same. Her church teaches it is her duty to have many children. They conceived quickly. She had severe health issues, miscarried and almost died. Her doctor begged her not to try to have another child. The church pushed her to have children. She conceived again. Had to go to bed in the second month and stay there. Managed to carry the baby to about the end of the 7th month. The baby was in NICU for ages and ages, and the mother was in the hospital for ages and ages. Her doctor told her, flat out, another pregnancy would probably kill her. Her Bishop tried to excumminicate her from their group because she said she was not going to have more children. He told her God was not pleased with her.

    ASLANSPAL New Member

    Nov 8, 2004
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    I have done tons of research on Mormons...and they
    come up very lacking in areas been all over the
    world ..Polynesian culture center...Jerusalem...
    Salt Lake city a dozen times..fully aware ..major
    gaps...but it makes you wonder if they are pleasing God in a spiritual principle...family
    and more of them...and when I heard that resurrection sermon and Jesus rose from the dead
    and died for your sins ..repeated over and over
    then..amen for the process of reformation even
    with Mormans. But what ends it for me and extends
    to the bizarre is the book of Morman and Jesus
    appearing in Central America...which is crazy
    those society's even though advanced...were a extreme blood letting society and I do mean extreme human sacrifice. Yeah I am full aware of
    the Mormons but by all means visit that beautiful
    state and walk into a big grocery store in Orem
    and you will see happy faces and tons of happy
    kids in a beautiful setting of mountains and blue
    sky...like I said it did seemed surreal and something out of the Stepford wives to anyone else it could be seductive. but who wants to go
    to church all day sunday...not me..need my rest.

    but your point is correct a minority of Morman
    women suffer especially if they are not fertile
    I talked to one on a Delta Flight she was basically shunned because she could not have
    kids and it was sad as we flew to our connection
    in DFW...I could tell she was pained by it all
    but she was a very successful business woman
    in New York City and seemed to have found compensation and consolation outside the supreme
    pressure of having children in the Mormon culture.

    so no not even close to embracing Mormonism but
    you will admire their work ethic and love of family it is just plainly there. I will never
    condemn them for that.

    so with that said its time to show the world a
    secret that has been hidden from the world for
    years...beautiful Utah!