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Vietnamese .... if they can, why can't other?

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by righteousdude2, May 1, 2015.

  1. righteousdude2

    righteousdude2 Well-Known Member
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    Oct 14, 2007
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    The following is a personal perspective and commentary on a race that didn't allow their personal circumstances to hold them down.I welcome your opinions, views and opposing comments. Have it, I do not plan to debate what I said or you may say! It is a free country, and we all have the right to an opinion! Shalom!



    I've been reading a lot over the last few days on how the Vietnamese immigrants came to America in the 70s after the fall of Siagon, and how they not only became naturalized immigrants; they assimilated, and became successful in every possible way.

    You don't see them rioting. Protesting. Complaining about the hand they were dealt in America? No! They simply pushed back and up their sleeves, worked very hard and their accomplishments in 50-plus years have been remarkable and definitely something other cultures and racial groups in America could learn from!

    They attended the same school most of us attended, and made the most of it! They went on to higher education, and were rewarded for it. They built their communities up from the ground, instead of burning them down, and now they have something to be proud of.

    I have to point to these folks, and say that if they can, why can't others? Maybe because too many Americans have become too whiny, and in whining the government has enabled their every need, instead of allowing them and to see that achieving the American dream takes hard work, not pity parties.

    Wake up America.

    Getting out of the pits takes determination, personal goals and sweat! Lot's of sweat. You will never get out of the hole you feel you've been thrown into by crying "foul" and holding out your hand to more handouts; while you blame others for your circumstances!

    I even had to work hard to get to where I am. I didn't expect my parents; the community; the government or anyone else to clear the way for me. I knew I didn't want to be running a lathe in a screw manufacturing company when I was 40, 50 or 60 years old! In fact, I knew I didn't want to retire and be awarded a gold-plated titanium screw for fifty my years of hard work. Thus, I quit that good-paying job; went to college, worked two parttime jobs [at minimum wage, no less] to put me through, and then I started at the bottom and worked my way up from there.

    Life is what we make it. Not what others tell us it should be. No one can be tied to poverty if they have a dream and inspiration to get out of there. Entitlements and enabling by the government are, IMHO, akin to a form of slavery. I'm just surprised those stuck in the welfare rut don't see what is really happening! :tear:

    IMHO - If others have broken free of his or her life situations, other can too!
  2. OldRegular

    OldRegular Well-Known Member

    Nov 21, 2004
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    The above is the reason for both black and white and that is just where the leftists want them and anyone else they can seduce with their government "freebies". Now their emphasis is on the illegal Hispanics!