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What can we learn about God "In the beginning?"...

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by TipofTheTongueTheology, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. TipofTheTongueTheology

    Nov 7, 2013
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    I'm not looking for a heated debate though I am sure it will happen but what are some other things we can learn about God in the beginning? :1_grouphug:

    God is the only Creator

    "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Gen 1:1

    God is a moving spirit

    "...the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." Gen 1:2

    God speaks with power

    "And God said, Let there be light: and there was light." Gen 1:3

    God creates with order and intelligence

    "...it was good" Gen 1

    God shares His image

    "...God created man in his own image..." Gen 1:27

    God is the law giver

    "...the LORD God commanded the man..." Gen 2:16

    God sets the example

    "And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made." Gen 2:3

    Courtesy of Tip of the Tongue Theology :thumbsup:
  2. prophet

    prophet Active Member
    Site Supporter

    May 8, 2010
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    That God is His Word:

    Jn 1:1
    1 In the beginnynge was the worde and the worde was with God:and the worde was God.
  3. Deacon

    Deacon Well-Known Member
    Site Supporter

    Aug 23, 2002
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    • God desires to communicate to man.
    • God communicates his message to mankind though his creation.
    • God doesn't communicate the details of his creative process as clearly as we would like him to communicate them: His priorities are different than ours.

    D.A. Carson's simple list is this:

    • God simply is!
    • God is a talking God, he wants to be known.
    • God made everything that isn't God – it had a beginning.
    • Everything that God makes is good, very good.
    • The creation proclaimes his greatness and glory (Ps 19:1-4)
    • There is only one of him.
    From: The God Who Is There: Finding Your Place in God's Story

  4. quantumfaith

    quantumfaith Active Member

    Jan 26, 2010
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  5. Iconoclast

    Iconoclast Well-Known Member
    Site Supporter

    Mar 25, 2010
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    God alone as creator has given meaning to everything .He alone defines and reveals reality according to His moral self consistency.....in part expressed to us in the ten commandments
  6. agedman

    agedman Well-Known Member
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    Nov 4, 2011
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    Gods created the heavens and the earth ("Elohiym" is plural).

    The trinity was completely involved from "In the beginning."

    Too often the trinity is left out, and can present only a "father figure view" of creation.

    Be careful! "Gods" is not EVER to be taken in the Scriptures (when it pertains to the one true God) as some plural separate form. One part of the trinity cannot exist outside and separate from the others.

    For example: time does not exist outside of the present, past, future. Without each, there is no time. The same is with the trinity.

    Gods (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) created the heavens and earth.

    Btw, Duet 6:4 follows the singular with a plural form: Hear O Israel: The LORD (Yhovah) our God (elohiym) is one LORD (Yhovah):

    See the play between the name (singular) and God (plural).

    One of the interesting studies is how this singular and plural forms are used throughout Scriptures. Often the two are put (as shown) in the same verse.

    This is important, because when one reads the word "God" in the Scriptures, one often assumes it is that of the "Father." That it is a singular noun. Such is just not an accurate way of presenting the truth of the word "Elohiym" (God).