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What Hath God Wrougth?

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by saturneptune, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. saturneptune

    saturneptune New Member

    Jan 16, 2006
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    This is a verse from Numbers 23:23. It was the verse that Samuel Morse used in the first telegraph message from Washington DC observed by several Congressmen to Alfred Vail (a direct ancestor) at a railroad station in Baltimore. Several moments later Mr. Vail sent back the same message. Here is an account:

    In a demonstration witnessed by members of Congress, American inventor Samuel F.B. Morse dispatches a telegraph message from the U.S. Capitol to Alfred Vail at a railroad station in Baltimore, Maryland. The message--"What Hath God Wrought?"--was telegraphed back to the Capitol a moment later by Vail. The question, taken from the Bible (Numbers 23:23), had been suggested to Morse by Annie Ellworth, the daughter of the commissioner of patents.

    Morse, an accomplished painter, learned of a French inventor's idea of an electric telegraph in 1832 and then spent the next 12 years attempting to perfect a working telegraph instrument. During this period, he composed the Morse code, a set of signals that could represent language in telegraph messages, and convinced Congress to finance a Washington-to-Baltimore telegraph line. On May 24, 1844, he inaugurated the world's first commercial telegraph line with a message that was fitting given the invention's future effects on American life.

    Just a decade after the first line opened, more than 20,000 miles of telegraph cable crisscrossed the country. The rapid communication it enabled greatly aided American expansion, making railroad travel safer as it provided a boost to business conducted across the great distances of a growing United States.


    Has anyone ever pondered the verse or what Morse was trying to say?

    This invention radically changed society, the way we communicated, and every other aspect of life, from the quality of the way we live to transportation. Advances off this invention alone brought us the miracles of the telephone, cell phone, computer, internet, and numerous other life changing inventions we enjoy today. The areas are way to numerous to mention them all.

    So was Morse saying that this was a gift of God, that without Him allowing it Morse would never have invented the telegraph, that is used for good would vastly improve our lives here on earth, or was he saying that man, in his fallen state, would take the new knowledge and use it for his own selfish purposes?

    To me, that verse, that question, echos through the years, everytime something comes along that has a radical impact on our nation, like the automobile and airplane, for example. Another example, although not a technology issue, was a marketing idea from the early 1900s, by a soap company, to take a bath everyday. This idea also went on to radically change how we lived. It also made the company a lot of money.

    So as Christians, what do you think? Have all these advances been a blessing or a curse? It is a given God allowed us to invent something He had already created. The question is, has the changes over the last 200 years made us better or worse? The air conditioner is nice, but has it made us less able to survive in a crisis or some type of mass natural disaster?

    I have probably not worded this the best way, but I would appreciate some thoughts on the subject better said that this post.