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What is a Baptist?

Discussion in '2003 Archive' started by Emily, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. Emily

    Emily New Member

    Dec 15, 2003

    New to the boards.

    Short introduction.

    I was raised Catholic, got saved in a Charismatic church, got married in that same charismatic church, left that charismatic church with my husband and found a very liberal Christian church, and now husband and I are looking for a new church, and we have been going to a Baptist church for the past few weeks.

    I like the message that I hear at this Baptist church. It is very convicting. My in-laws dont like it because it can be pretty fire and brimstone, but Im attacted to it, and so is my husband. We have definately changed as a couple since attending there. It feels like a pretty good fit.

    However, there are some questionable things going on there that may cause us to consider continuing our search.

    The first Baptist church that I had ever gone to was an Independent Missionary Baptist Church. I liked it for the most part. THe word was great. THe preaching was great. They used their bibles in church. The music ministry was God-honoring.. but there was just one teeny little tiny problem, and that was with the Baptist "pep-rallies" at the end of the sermon. In such pep-rallies, I heard comments such as

    "The Lord was a Baptist"
    "John the Baptist was not called the baptist simply because he baptized people, he was called the baptist because he was a baptist"
    "If I wasnt a Baptist, I would be ashamed"
    "Im a Baptist before Im a Christian"

    I have even received literature stating that if I am saved, and not attending an Independent Baptist church, that I am being sinful.

    These comments do not seem to be all that uncommon in Baptist churches.

    I questioned a girl in the church about the pep-rally, and he said.."Oh, Pastor Smith loves all Christians, he is just proud because we are the first religion"...

    I was shocked. I thought that Christians were the first religion... just plain old Christians who were obedient to the word of God.

    furthermore, I had no idea that there was anything wrong with my contemporary Christian music..(believe me, from someone who has had this music since I have been saved, it does praise God, and when I sing the lyrics, I am singing to God and they do worship Him)..

    I guess Im just confused, because although my husband and I really like this church we dont agree with many things going on there.. We dont think they are biblical, but I guess Im just looking for some insight on just exactly what is a baptist?
  2. BrianT

    BrianT New Member

    Mar 20, 2002
    "Baptist" is a *wide* spectrum. It seems you caught one of the more extreme fringe edges. Personally, I encourage you to find a different Baptist church in your area, a NON-"independent" one, if for nothing more than comparison to see what I mean. I have several friends in churches like the one you describe, but I would not attend one again myself (except extremely rarely to visit a friend or something). Keep praying as you search, God where lead you where he wants you.

    God bless,
  3. Emily

    Emily New Member

    Dec 15, 2003
    soo.. Is Independent kind of dangerous then?.. like, because they have nobody above them, they can get all into weird tangents and the like?

    One of their big things is autonomy of the local church, and while I do believe that churches should be locally governed, I dont quite understand why they dont see all believers as belonging to "the church".. only the true baptists..

    The church I was explaining where I heard those comments from is not actually the church that we are attending now, but the Pastor of the one we are attending now, and most of the people came from that church.

    This church, the one we are attending now, is a bit looser, in that I have heard him say "bible believing churches" as opposed to "baptist churches", which, I think makes more sense biblically, but they still are KJV-onlyists, and they hate contemporary christian music (it sounds to me like they hate it because they dont understand it.. They have heard stories, and not actually listened to it themselves to decide)..

    We really do like it a lot, and we will definately be praying on it, but I do get scared because it does seem like the attitude is that other Christians are not on par with Baptists, and this just doesnt make sense to me.
  4. tinytim

    tinytim <img src =/tim2.jpg>

    Oct 31, 2003
    Hi, You definately got a hold of an extreme fringe "independant" Church. Not all Independant Baptists are bad as a matter of fact I grew up one. Just a few. You are very observant. The one thing that sets "independants" apart from Baptist churches that fellowship with each other in an association on convention (especially here in West Virginia) is the fact that "independants" don't believe in "The Church". They believe that when the bible talks about "church" it always talks about a local assembly. Associational churches realize that all Christians are a part of the universal church. Example: St Paul was a member of the church of Antioch (Acts 13:1), but included himself in "we" when he was speaking to the Corinthian Church (ICor. 12:13).
    KJVO is bad because it makes an idol out of one translation. Stay away from the attitude of Baptists are always right. I've been a Baptist all my life and am very proud of what Baptists stand for, I just realize that we serve Christ not JOhn. You sound like you would fit in with the Church Where I am Youth Pastor. We are Autonomous, even though we are associated with Amercian Baptists Churches USA. We are not KJVO, we use a blend of music, including comtemporary, and our main focus is on winning souls through discipling. Too bad we're in WV.
    Here is a website too visit:
    It is the American Baptist Home site. Just follow the link to church search. I found over 150 churches in Michigan that are affiliated with us. A lot have websites also. Check up on these churches. There are many different "flavors" of American Baptists and I'm sure you can find one in which you'll feel right at home. One of the biggest things that is happening in our churches is the acceptance of "Praise and Worship" music. Imagine the right doctrine with great music, what could be better. Feel free to private message me, since I am a moderator of our local association I have a few contacts in Michigan that may be able to help you find a home. Welcome to the board, sis.
    tinytim [​IMG]
  5. Walls

    Walls New Member

    Mar 1, 2002
    Hi Katy! I would be one of those wackos! :D It sounds like I would enjoy one of those churches very much. For someone not growing up in that enviroment it would be kind of hard to take.

    I think the thing with the CCm is that it is worldy music put to Christian words. When you live with the world's music, it can be a stepping stone to the right kind of music.

    As far as John the Baptist, well that is the name that Lord gave him. Christians were called, not by the Lord but by the people that were persecting them. It was a mockery or name calling so to speak.

    Most Baptist do believe that they are the only true church. But then many other denominations do to!

    The Lord may have brought you to this place to learn a little and then move on to the next step. I would go to the second place. The key to remember is seek's God's will in this. The things that you hear that apply to you, pay attention to and don't worry about the rest. When you and the Lord are ready He will show you the rest!

    God bless [​IMG]
  6. Emily

    Emily New Member

    Dec 15, 2003

    Music is cultural. They used to have Public house hymns as well that sounded very similar to church hymns.. and public houses as you know, are local bars, so that was the worldly music of the day.,

    When I was saved in the Charismatic church, that is where I learned about ccm. There is a song by Stephen Curtis Chapman called "Remember your chains".. This song has been so convicting to me so many times... Also, whenever I thought about dating a non-Christian, the song "Two sets of Jones's" by Big Tent Revival reminded me of the reasons God wants us with believers. Sean Groves is another one who has been inspirational to me. When my husband and I first left the charismatic church, it was initially because we felt there were things going on there that werent biblical, but our church search soon turned into laziness and not going anywhere, and then I turned on our Christian radio station, and heard Welcome Home by Sean Groves, and I was completely moves to tears.. the song is still so moving, that I will post the lyrics at the end of this post..

    Ccm reaches people.. Most times, hymns do not.. Music is cultural, and I dont believe that a type of music can be evil for the type of music that it is.. There can be evil hints in some of the songs, but that would be up to the individual listening to decide if the music glorifies God or not.. For instance, I have decided that Stacie Orrico uses too many sexual sounds in her singing for it to be Godly.

    SUrely surely there are ccm artists who are not living for God and their lyrics reflect that, but that is not a reason to tell your entire congretation that it is all from the devil, and that none of it praises God, because that is what people are believing, and it is no such case.

    Shaun Groves-Welcome Home

    Take me, make me all You want me to be
    That's all I'm asking, all I'm asking

    Welcome to this heart of mine
    I've buried under prideful vines
    Grown to hide the mess I've made
    Inside of me, come decorate, Lord

    Open up the creaking door
    And walk upon the dusty floor
    Scrape away the guilty stains
    Until so sin or shame remain

    Spread Your love upon the walls
    And occupy the empty halls
    Until the man I am has faded
    No more doors are barricaded

    Come inside this heart of mine it's
    Not my own make it home
    Come and take this heart and make it
    All Your own Welcome Home
    Take a seat, pull up a chair
    Forgive me for the disrepair
    And the souvenirs from
    Floor to ceiling
    Gathered on my search for meaning

    Every closet's filled with clutter
    Messes yet to be discovered
    I'm overwhelmed, I understand
    I can't make this place all
    That You can


    I took the space that
    You placed in me
    Redecorated in shades of greed
    And I made sure every
    Door stayed locked
    Every window blocked, and
    Still You Knocked

    Take me, make me all You want me to be
    That's all I'm asking, all I'm asking

    Label: SONY/WORD © 2001
  7. HankD

    HankD Well-Known Member

    May 14, 2001
    The Baptist "distinctives" are generally accepted as the historical defining elements of "Baptist"

    This is from the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC) Website. This quote and the definitiions of the distinctives can be found at:


  8. Dr. Bob

    Dr. Bob Administrator

    Jun 30, 2000
    Locking this thread shortly (Katy is not a Baptist) but first want to give other BAPTISTS a chance to answer her very legitimate question.
  9. Matt Black

    Matt Black Active Member

    Feb 25, 2003