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What IS Pride Part 2

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Ztheberean, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    Pride Strong’s Greek # 5244- Showing one’s self above others, despising others, or even treating them with contempt, an overweening estimate of one’s means, or merits.

    Pride Strong’s Greek # 5187- Render insolent, blind in conceit and pride, foolish, or stupid in the wisdom and understanding of the word of God.

    Those who boast in themselves (in what they can do) are Proud (2Tim 3:2); These proud boasters are without understanding because they don’t want to retain the knowledge of God, and so God gives these over to a reprobate mind (Rom 1:30-31 & 28); And so boasting of what “we will” do is evil (Jm 4:13&16); This is why God resists the proud, but gives grace to (those He has mercifully) humbled (so that they could graciously receive). (Jm 4:6)

    These believers who are “self-willed” are also presumptuous, because they are walking in the lusts of their flesh (2Pet 2:10): And because they have NOT crucified their lusts of their flesh they are NOT Christ’s (Gal 5:24); God says that these believers have the devil as their father because they are “self-willed” (Jn 8:44); This means that they are stuck in Romans 7 because their “own will” is still present within them, so they cannot perform the good they want to do, and this is because they haven’t learned “how” to (Rom 7:18). These believers are wretched, because they need deliverance (7:24).

    Because these believers have not learned “how” they can do good, they have established themselves in their “own” form of righteousness, and in ignorance rather than subjecting themselves unto the righteousness of God (Rom 10:3)

    Strong’s Greek # 5293 - To yield to ones admonition, or advice, To subject oneself, To submit to one’s control under obedience.

    God says that there is “ONE” thing that is needful, which is to be at the place of learning (Lk 10:42, Ps 27:4); It is only these who can be in submission unto those who can help them (1Cor 16:16); Meaning open with their issues so that they can know and understand what to ask of God for their deliverance; Without which they understand that they are defiled with a perverted attitude because they are seeking to be blessed of God without true repentance (Heb 12:15-17).

    Without us (learning how to) bring forth the fruits of repentance, God cuts us down, and throws us into the fire (Lk 3:8-9); Do you even know what the fruits of repentance are that we need to bring forth??? Then you also know that we are to come out from among everyone, and be separated, (for a season) so that God can receive us as His sons and daughters, thus says the LORD Almighty. (2Cor 6:17-18) ; And He only takes His people out from among others (Acts 15:14).

    Has God put a servant in your life who can help you, with all these things that you need to learn? (1Cor 16:16)

    Then you are being (privately) instructed through your separation from everyone, so that you to may bring forth the fruits of repentance (2Cor 6:17-18, Acts 15:14, Lk 3:8-9, 2Tim 2:24-26); Because you are coming to understand that many believers call Jesus Lord, and do many good deeds in His name, but Jesus does NOT know them, because they cannot DO the will of God, therefore they don’t have salvation.
    (Math 7:21-23)

    Many are called (to believe in Jesus) but only FEW are chosen (to become Christian) (Math 20:16, 22:14, Mk 13:20).

    Consequently, we are to be known by our fruits (not our belief in Jesus, because we know even the demons believe, and they tremble) (Math 7:20 & 16) Believers who don’t have someone in their life who has rule over them, within instruction of the word of God, are distracted by various and strange doctrines (Heb 13:7 & 9); Rather (ask God to make you willing to) submit yourself unto whom God has sent unto you to watch over your soul, because of their obedience, as they must give an account unto God (Heb 13:17).

    It is these who rule well over others that are worthy of double honor, because of their labor in the word, and doctrine (1Tim 5:17); Do you know someone who labors in the word that gives you exhortations? Then you can esteem them highly in love for their work, and have peace among yourselves (1Thes 5:12-13); And this is how we are comforted within edification (5:11).

    This is how we can be made perfect in every good work to do His will, within God’s workmanship for His good pleasure (Heb 13:21) ; And no one can do the will of God without the knowledge of the doctrine of God (Jn 7:17); Can you suffer these words of exhortation?? (Heb 13:22) For God’s sake, (and yours) be submissive! (1Pet 2:13)

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  2. I Am Blessed 24

    I Am Blessed 24 Active Member

    Jan 2, 2003
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    PrIde = SIn

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